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Community Project

Covid-19 Humanitarian Food Relief Programme

By City Notifications, Spotlight

Covid-19 Humanitarian Food Relief Programme. The City is currently seeking applications from qualifying organizations to participate in the Covid-19 Humanitarian Food Relief Programme. Please find attached the advert and application forms. For more information and any queries kindly email: or visit: Job No. 6296 Humanitarian services 

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Local hero: Karoline Hanks Keeping us Clean by Employing Locals

By NRPA Notification, Project Noordhoeked, Publication, Spotlight, TreadLightly

Karoline Hanks, Coordinator of Project Noordhoeked While driving around Noordhoek you have probably noticed two men walking or biking along picking up litter, they’re working for Project Noordhoeked. The project’s aim is to keep Noordhoek’s beach and roadsides litter free and their dedication plays a big role in the beauty,…

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