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It’s Mandela Day this Sunday and with this in mind, we as the Noordhoek Ratepayers Association would like to challenge the Noordhoek Community to do some good! The Horses of Noordhoek play a big role in our Noordhoek 2030 Vision so with this in mind we would like to challenge Noordhoek to donate horse feed to Tom Ro Haven.

Our challenge to the Noordhoek Community to collectively donate 67 bales of teff or Lucerne and/ or 67 bags of the following feeds for the horses at Tom Ro Haven:
– Safe and Light
– All Time Balancer
– Lucerne chaff
– Speedibeet

Established in 2012, Tom Ro Haven is a registered NPO which rescues abused and neglected horses and ponies and rehabilitates them at their premises in Noordhoek, Cape Town. The horses and ponies at the Haven are then used in equine assisted healing programmes, focusing on children and young adults deemed to be at risk, or who have suffered from physical or emotional trauma. By using horses to heal and awaken empathy, compassion and respect, the Haven aims to not only change the lives of horses, but to positively impact the local community too.

For more info about Tom Ro Haven or how you can get involved in helping them please visit
The food can either be directly delivered to Tom Ro Haven or monies deposited into their account, contact Tom Ro Chairperson, Gill McCulloch on 0738151752.

Alternatively, you are also welcome to deposit monies into the NRPA bank account – please use your name and Tom Ro as the reference and we will ensure that these monies are used to buy food Tom Ro.

NRPA Bank details
Savings Account No. 2008230716
Longbeach Mall Branch (125009)