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Rubbish and Recycling collections

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We are aware of the recent issues regarding the timing of our rubbish and recycling being collected, but please can we remind residents of the following: – Recycling is ONLY collected every 2nd week. If you have mistakenly put your recycling out on the incorrect day, PLEASE bring it inside…

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Report potholes

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This is a friendly reminder to all residents that now is the time to fix potholes ahead of winter. Making a service request is quick and easy. Potholes are generally fixed within a week. Requests can be submitted by phone 0860 103089 , sms 31373 or online   The…

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Know your “Noordhoek Guide” for residents:

  1. As little home and street lighting as possible (to avoid light pollution); points lights down to the ground.
  2. Drive slowly, very slowly (below the speed limit) on our roads so that our children, animals and horses can use our roads safely.
  3. Say hello, and smile – whenever you can.
  4. Be helpful.
  5. Try to encourage others to improve, rather than complain at what they do. Communicate your needs and expectations wisely before becoming frustrated.
  6. Use environmentally safe products (for example, not using poisons to kill mice…).
  7. Planting endemic vegetation and not cutting down trees like Melkbos (MilkWoods – which it is illegal to do without a permit!).
  8. Cleanup wherever you go – The Common, The beach, The mountains.
  9. Plant fruit trees on fence line. The bees & the birds need them.
  10. Protect all the last remaining wildlife and plants.. they have no defences against people and their tools.
  11. Support local small traders.
  12. Give lifts. Chat to the people in the car. Build relationships.
  13. Use our natural resources (water, well point water, common areas, etc) with respect and awareness that you are part of an interconnected ecosystem. Nothing exists in infinite quantities, and once it’s gone it’s gone for everyone.
  14. Be Good Neighbours. This valley is an interconnected group of different neighbourhoods and are all part of each other. Support community initiatives across the whole valley with your skills and resources.
  15. Be a considerate neighbour and host a street party. Get to know the names of your neighbours and look out for each other.
  16. Mainly spread your good fortune. Be charitable. Not only where the results benefit Noordhoek directly.
  17. We have #FreeRangeKids.
  18. Respect the wildlife around you, learn to live with it rather than against it. Eg toad friendly fences, allowing porcupines ingress and egress.
  19. Go slow, give way to the horses.
  20. Be kind to all animals and birds.
  21. Reduce, reuse, recycle.
  22. Borrow and lend rather than buying – tools, drill bits, etc
  23. Pass on old clothes, etc, to those less fortunate.
  24. Live simply, that others may simply live.
  25. We all love animals, just not their poo. Pick up after yours, otherwise it becomes a mountain of yuck.
  26. Flies and roosters (farm like stuff) are pretty normal here. Talk to your neighbours (nicely) if you think they can help you control noise and pests on your property, or ask for advice.
  27. Try to keep your house’s profile as low as possible. We have great local architects that can help you design a beautiful space. Use darker natural colours on the walls.
  28. Be kind.
  29. Consider to your neighbours when renovating. Don’t block their view to get yours. Take into account there sunlight and space when planning yours. Consider noise, and disruption
    pay a living wage to workers.
  30. Participate in community surveys.
  31. We're aware of and participates in community initiatives.
  32. We seek compromise and seek to collaborate.
  33. Keep your verge looking nice, and helps in aesthetics and keep part of it clear so people can park on it, instead of in the road.
  34. Consider signage and keep it low key:
    • On the common,
    • The roadside,
    • Businesses,
    • Estate Agents – keep it subtle – we’re not a commercial district