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If you would like to get involved in the NRPA and Noordhoek community please register with us: Click here

NRPA Support

The NRPA needs all sorts of support. Admin assistance from time to time. Scriptwriters, IT skills. Lots of little jobs, which can help a lot


Funds are very useful. Please at least contribute the annual ratepayers fee of R300. Special projects require funding from time to time, and we appreciate all the extra donations we receive. Each rand is utilised to the full. (donate here)

Good Neighbours

Content to be completed

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Stay Informed

First and foremost, stay informed. Register and be aware of what’s going on in Noordhoek and something will come up that you will feel compelled to participate in

Be a Good Noordhoeker

Know the community guidelines, and try to participate. Consider your other community members. To read the guide, 

Be Alert!

Please don’t hesitate to raise the alarm if you see or hear about anything that is a concern.

Project Involvement

Find a project that you’re interested in. The Noordhoek changemakers are very active and can always do with an extra helping hand


Your skills could be very handy. Legal, Design, Photography, IT, Admin Support, Marketing – you name it, we need it – in small amounts from time to time

Noordhoek Unplugged

Join the community; start by registering. Noordhoek Unplugged is an initiative born from the Vision 2030 process to connect everyone, and all activities in Noordhoek. It’s all about fostering the sense of unwinding from an urban lifestyle, unplugging from the mainstream economy and enjoying creative activities