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Why become a member of the NRPA?

The NRPA is the official and recognised voice of the community. Membership keeps you informed and ensures you can have your say in community matters that could affect your quality of life and your property value.

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What if i’m not a Ratepayer in Noordhoek?

Noordhoek is a shared community and everyone is welcome to participate and be heard. Please sign up with us, receive our newsletters and support the Noordhoek Vision. We need your support just as much in helping us ensure our community remains a truly special place to live, work and visit.

What if I have already subscribed to your newsletter?

If you have previously filled in our subscription form and therefore subscribed to our news letter and want to become a paid member with voting rights, just click this button

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Membership fees & donations

We request that registered members donate R300 per year. Being a paid-up registered member and property ratepayer in Noordhoek gives you a voting right at the AGM. All funds are used to support community initiatives and projects as well as for the general running of the NRPA

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Registration for Annual Membership

Any resident of Noordhoek should register with the NRPA. By you registering with the NRPA your community gains more power to influence the future development of our area and you gain first hand information of all activities going on. Noordhoek, like the rest of Cape Town, is experiencing unprecedented development and growth and this pressure on the area can be expected to increase exponentially. Your involvement as an NRPA member, big or small, will contribute to evolving and sustaining the special culture and way of living in our Noordhoek, so Get Involved! For as little as R300.00 p/a, you will get full access to website, a monthly newsletter, a chance to make a difference and a vote at the AGM!  
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Would you like to make a donation?

The Noordhoek community came together to discuss and create a future vision for Noordhoek. A long collaborative process was followed and the inputs and outcomes were crafted by Noordhoek residents and stakeholders as well as representatives from the surrounding areas. The vision created a direction and a set of guiding principles for residents, civic groups and officials to work together to help shape, influence and enhance the suburb as it progresses. This project became known as ‘Noordhoek Vision 2030’ and formed a blueprint to all in the community who want to play an active role in conceptualising, shaping and realising an abundant, beautiful and regenerative Noordhoek.
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