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The Noordhoek Ratepayers Association (NRPA) strives to protect Noordhoek and the interests of those lucky enough to reside here.

As a community, we need to work and play together to uphold and deliver on the vision for Noordhoek that we all desire and that has been clearly documented through the Vision 2030 process. With you, the NRPA has a important role to play in helping to enhance and shape this community.

We aim to provide a platform for engagement with the relevant authorities, and to make the most of the services that the authorities provide to the community. The NRPA is determined to ensure that the community has a say in the decisions which affect them.

We strive to ensure that the community is in involved, connects and interacts as a cohesive force for the good of the community. Have a look at some of our initiatives and projects to see what we do.

Core Objectives


Protect the local government rights and interests of its members.


Promote the preservation of the built and natural environment of the area and maintaining the ‘essence’ of what is Noordhoek


Advocate the provision of efficient and affordable municipal services to the area.


Participate in public affairs for the better governance of the area

Create Visibility

Communicate and share information and planning with the wider Noordhoek community in a timely manner incl. planning and rezoning applications and progress.


Connect thought leaders and activists in the community to strive to deliver common goals


A little bit about us

The NRPA is the official civic voice of the Noordhoek Community. Register with the NRPA, and help to make our voice stronger and broaden our mandate.

We need your support and skills to help move forward. We’re very aware that sharing the load in small packets of value enables participation.

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Commitment to Noordhoek


Skills (IT, creative, legal etc.)




Can do Attitude


Soft Skills Support (admin, newsletters)