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Below are a few handy resources; click on the icon for more details

Planning Guidelines

The NRPA has noticed that there is confusion around what is or is not allowed under the planning regulations. We have therefore written a guideline for residents in order to simplify these matters for you.  Click the icon for more….

Septic tanks, soak aways and conservancy tanks in Noordhoek

As NRPA we are noticing quite a few residents struggling with their Septic and Conservancy Tank systems – requesting repetitive and frequent visit of the Council “honeysucker”.  Click the icon for more….

Voter Registration

Ensure you’re registered to vote in municipal elections. Click on the icon to find out or get registered

Land Invasion

This document has been put together to assist in understanding the process should you become aware of Land Invasions in Noordhoek. Click on the icon above.

Water Usage Calculator

Click the leaf and calculate your personal daily water usage; your target is 84L or lower. Every little drop helps, so keep the water flowing by keeping usage short.

Current Water Restrictions

Please review the City’s latest water restrictions, Be aware and take care. Click on the leaf.

Your Water Quota

More than 4 people in your house? You can apply with the City to increase your current water quota. Click on the icon for the application form or ‘click here‘ for more.

Far South Heritage

Cape Peninsula Far South Strategic Environmental Assessment of Heritage resources in the South Peninsula to inform a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

Book the community Centre

The Noordhoek Community Centre (NCC) is a resource for everyone in the Noordhoek Community to use. To book it, click here 

Rebates for properties

Is your City valuation correct? You may be entitled to a rebate.
How to Apply: Click here
Rates Rebate Form: Click here

Privacy Policy

This privacy notice aims to inform you about how we collect and process any information that we collect from you, that you provide to us. Read here

We’ve put together some ‘frequently asked questions’ and ‘how to guidelines’ that we think might be useful. Feel free to send other suggestions

How many times a year does the NRPA (Exco) meet?

We meet each month, except in December and in the month that we have the Annual Community Meeting (AGM – generally in March) where all residents are welcome. So 10 times a year and the odd Ad-hoc meeting when the need arises. You can read the minutes of our meetings here.

What is the NRPA position on objections to the subdivision of land?

The NRPA receives all applications for subdivision of land from the City. The committee assess the application to ensure that it complies with all current regulations with regard to the specific application. The NRPA will object on the basis of the contravention of regulations. The NRPA strongly supports the principle of maintaining large Erfs in Noordhoek wherever possible in line with the community vision. Large properties maintain the rural nature of the suburb and allows for Livery and Horse Stabling which is an essential component of the Noordhoek lifestyle and Noordhoek economy. Read more about our position on planning here.

How can I object to requests for planning consent made to the City?

When a planning application is invited for Public Participation one usually has 30 days within which to comment and the date for final submission will be on the “invitation for comment” put out by the City.

These notices will be posted on the subject property itself, an advert is placed in local media (like Echo and Peoples Post) and a notice will be sent to the affected neighbours and the NRPA. The NRPA will then share these notices on this website, in mailers and in social media. You can also find applications on the City of Cape Town have your say portal

The notice gives the property Erf number and address and may contain a link to a website where more detail can be found (as in the case of Environmental Impact Assessments) or it will state that more info can be obtained from the South Peninsula Municipality (one can look at it there or take a flash drive to receive the info.)

The address (web and postal) where one can send the objection is on the notice form. Submit your comments, objections and representations as per the notice. When objecting, it is important to “speak to the legislation” and the point and stay unemotional.

It’s also important to bear in mind that the decisions on matters is done at the Municipal Planning Tribunal so that one should say that one reserves the right to address the Tribunal and that you wish to be informed when the Tribunal will sit on that particular matter (you will have 10 minutes to speak).

All submissions need to include the following:

  • The application reference number.
  • The details of the person submitting the comment or objection, including your full name, interest in the application, address, contact details and the method by which you can be contacted.
  • The reason for the objection, including the effect that the application will have on a person/area and any aspect of the application that you consider inconsistent with policy, and how.

Submissions in writing need to be made to the specified district office on or before the closing date.

View city guidelines on submitting objections / comments on land use applications, or to make oral submissions.

How should we report mini bus taxis that behave badly in Noordhoek or on Ou Kaapse Weg?

All complaints should be directed to the Public Emergency Communications Centre (PECC), also known as 107, on 107 from a landline or 021 480 7700 from a cellphone or @pecc107 on Twitter or on email. They record and track all complaints and will immediately mobilise the correct Emergency Service(s). The complaint needs to be actual facts of bad driving – preferably with a photos showing licence plate.

Who can book the Noordhoek Community Centre, and how do I go about it?

The Noordhoek Community Centre (NCC) is a resource for everyone in the Noordhoek Community to use. To book it, go to the following link:

I heard about a no-bright light policy in Noordhoek, what’s that all about?

You might have noticed that Noordhoek is dark at night. This is for good reason: it contributes to our wellbeing and quality of life. The Unplugged. We can enjoy the stars and flee far from Urban life. It also helps our nocturnal insects, birds and animals. No street lights, and no big lights on properties – if you see any, gently remind people of how we like to live here. If people do not want to remove them, suggest to install motion sensors and to turn them down towards the ground. That way they are less invasive. Let’s keep Noordhoek dark at night!

How many people live in Noordhoek?

Noordhoek has 1871 erfs. Click here for a map showing all Erfs, which are NRPA members and which are not. We estimate between 5000 and 6000 residents in the Suburb of Noordhoek. The Noordhoek Community forum has 6957 members, but we do know that there are many non-residents on the group. The NRPA will seek to achieve a consensus in the coming years, once a database of residents has been established.

The Noordhoek Common; do I need to tell anyone to use the common for an event? And what is the process?

Requests for events on the Noordhoek Common need to be booked through Beryl Brown at The Common is run and managed by the Noordhoek Commons Committee (NCC).


Requested Contribution:
Kids parties and picnics: R 125 | The rates for pony parties: R 280 | Secret Sunrise events: R 280 | KOK Carol Service: R 2000 | Satori Events: R 550 | Cape Town Cycle Tour and 2 Oceans Marathon: R 9,900 | Weddings: R 1695
Horse Events +/-10% of overall money taken
Film events: Click here for details

We do not allow jumping castles, no cars to park on the common for kids parties, picnics etc. The only time cars may park on common is for film shoots or horse events, wedding car to drive bride and then to leave the common, all are by prior arrangement.

Proceeds go towards the care and management of The Common on behalf of the Community, according to an Environmental Management Plan authorised by the City of Cape Town.

How is the common managed and who gets to use it?

See page
If you would like to be kept informed of ongoings in the community, please register your details with us (click here). It really helps us to know who is in the community.