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Planning guideline for residents: a layman’s perspective

In the attached guideline we have attempted to simplify the following for residents:

  • What are planning zones and how can I know what zoning applies to my property?
  • Which planning law determines what is allowed on a plot?
  • What about the environment?
  • What is the role of NRPA in planning decisions?
  • What is the role of neighbours in planning decisions?
  • What happens if anyone objects to an application?
  • What about sectional titling?
  • What are other important considerations?
  • Useful planning terminology (abridged Municipal Planning By-Law definitions)
  • What is allowed on SR1 zoned plots?
  • What is allowed on RU zoned plots?

The guideline is for existing as well as prospective property owners. NRPA encourages owners to reach out to us at an early stage to obtain feedback on their plans. This will reduce significant time and cost that will otherwise be wasted when planning applications are objected to.

Note: while we have done our best to accurately portray the planning regulations, no rights can be derived from this document. Applicable regulations and by-laws will always supersede the guideline’s contents.

For more info please download this PDF.

Please reach out to should you have any questions and/or suggestions.