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Success: Funds to Appeal Silvermine Rd Environmental Authorisation

WOW! Noordhoek. What an incredible response (see article below). Within a very short space of time we managed to raise sufficient funds from 46 separate donations. It was heart warming to see how Noordhoek came together to keep our vision alive. This is fantastic news – a real group effort. We required R22 000 to help top-up our very stretched reserves to support our contributions to this cause. With your permission we would like to retain the excess for any future legal fees this process might incur. This will help substantially to maintain a small buffer to support our pursuit of the “Noordhoek Vision”. Our finances are well managed, visible and published for those interested.

The great news is, that since we sent out this request, we have heard that our appeal has been accepted and will be heard. We believe the Environmental Authorisation granted for the development of ERF 4743 was significantly flawed and we hope the appeal will demonstrate this.

Please encourage neighbours and friends in Noordhoek, to help us to implement the Noordhoek Vision (click here). They can do so by signing up to our newsletter here, and contributing R200/year to the initiative.

Thank you so much to all those who contributed.

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