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It is indeed a privilege to live in the residential and natural surroundings of Noordhoek. Here we are able to value fresh air and space, and choose to tread lightly on nature. From time to time something arises to challenge the status quo by changing the existing land use zoning in the pursuit of rapid commercialisation. Sometimes, we need to challenge certain proposals that are a tipping point.

The NRPA is thus seeking donations for the legal appeal against the environmental authorisation that has been granted to Propgen (Pty) Ltd, a subsidiary of Trematon Capital Investments, to develop the wetland and horse grazing fields on Silvermine road, ERF 4743. This authorisation could help to enable the change of it’s current low density rural residential land use zoning to community zoning (some specific commercial use) and set a precedent for the surroundings. Once the environmental authorisation gets inacted, without appeal, a change in zoning could also then be forthcoming. The change will open up this very sensitive wetland at the heart of Noordhoek to commercialisation or to be sold at a quick profit for commercial development. The development company applicant has stated its intent to build a high density development in the form of a school on this small piece of naturally sensitive land.

We believe that the grounds for granting the authorisation are flawed, and legal advice suggests that a successful appeal is likely. A sensitive residential development within it’s current zoning status would be preferred if any development is required.

In that regard, we need to raise a further R22 000 to reach a total of almost R63 500 to conclude the appeal.

The NRPA, NEAG, ToadNUTS and a number of residents have committed the following to date:

  • R10 000 (NEAG)
  • R10 000 (NRPA)
  • R10 000 (ToadNuts)
  • R11 500 (No. of residents)

Total raised to date: R41 500
Shortfall: R22 000 

Thanks to those who have already contributed. We’re not far off, and any contribution can help to protect Noordhoek (44 residents @ R500 each, or 22 residents @R1000, or larger contributions will be gratefully received)

We feel that the commercialisation of a core part of Noordhoek, will alter the natural surroundings and residential nature of the suburb that is so enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. There is no reason to densify this particular site when other sites are far more suitable.

The appeal has been prepared, and lodged. Please can we request that donations to be made by Friday the 7th of August.

If you are a concerned resident that wants to preserve the essence of Noordhoek, then we’d like you to please to make donations to this appeal to the bank account or snapscan below. Use ERF 4743 as a reference and email us at to let us know and to share any comments

Nedbank, Savings Account No. 2008230716
Longbeach Mall Branch (125009)