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NRPA Notification

Noordhoek “Off the Grid”

By NRPA Notification

Dear NRPA Member and other Noordhoek Residents Small scale embedded generation After discussion on the Noordhoek Community Forum Facebook Page about working towards “Noordhoek Off the Grid” the NRPA investigated the current options. At this point, we will not be co-ordinating a community effort towards this end but decided to…

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Septic Tanks

By Civic, NRPA Notification

Dear Noordhoek Ratepayers using a septic tank sewage system This message applies only to Noordhoek¬† ratepayers who use septic tank systems. Click below links to access important information on installing and maintaining your septic tank system. nrpa-summary-septic-tanks-soakaways specifications-septic-tanks-soakaways-and-conservancy-tanks_new1 WHAT IF I HAVE A SEPTIC TANK SYSTEM AND AM CURRENTLY BEING…

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