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Water Wise Update

This update contains many links to information and resources you may need to better prepare yourselves for reduced water supply and to push Day Zero right out of the park. Just because Day Zero hase been pushed out please do not relax in saving water – continue with the great efforts.

The NRPA extends a BIG thank-you to Natasha Hoffman of South Peninsula Water Task Team (SPWTT) and Ward Councillor Felicity Purchase for their informative talks at the public Water Crisis Meeting we convened on Monday 5 Feb. Full minutes will be publicised shortly on the NRPA website and facebook page but here are some pertinent points that arose:

  • Stay informed –
    • Register on the NRPA website to receive constant updates from your community and the City – Click here h
    • Visit the City’s water dashboard here
  • Avoid fake news – A trustworthy source of accurate information is the South Peninsula Water Task Team – a great civilian volunteer team of professionals working to supplement the City’s efforts and make the South Peninsula highly water resilient – thank-you!!
  • Get involved – it is through community mobilisation that we will get through this crisis – we can’t rely on the City alone
    • SPWTT is looking for volunteers in the Far South particularly with applicable skills to help constantly. Are you keen to help? If so, please complete this form. SPWTT Volunteer Sign-up
  • SPWTT is gathering information from across the Peninsula to better help identify the needs across the entire area and our preparedness during very low water conditions.
  • Complete the Residential Survey here: Residential Survey
  • Connect with your neighbours through existing WhatsApp street groups (or create a new one) and through your neighbourhood watch to share resources, identify vulnerable residents and who can offer what help.
  • Keep saving water! Push back Day Zero!
    • Install a rain water tank – your roof is a highly efficient catchment area – changes in the city by-law is now making this legal. We know these are in huge demand at present with most stores only offering back orders. Should you know of any contacts that can offer tanks please let the NRPA know so we can inform members.
    • Use rainwater/borehole water for all your non-potable needs including clothes washing.
    • Ground water is precious to all of us – please do not use your borehole excessively to water your garden – this will only make your neighbours angry and you may need their assistance later. If you have to, water briefly, evenings or early mornings once or twice a week – definitely not at midday.
    • Use only grey water to flush loos and flush only when absolutely necessary
    • Buy a portable composting toilet and set up a composting system – the NRPA can provide you with more information on this if you’re interested.
    • If you are a household of more than 4 apply to the City for a higher daily quota by completing and submitting the affidavit form available here:
    • If you choose to go off the grid (which is currently being made legal through a change in the City’s by-law) apply to do so here:

First prize is to keep the tap water flowing, even if it is at a trickle, until the winter rains come – they will come.

We’ve successfully pulled together during the fires, let’s pull together again to save, share and appreciate our precious, life-giving water.

Thank you Noordhoekers for what you are already doing – the South Peninsula as a whole has reduced consumption by 50% over the last 6 months. Let’s keep up the good work and reduce further.

With thanks