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NRPA calls on all Noordhoek residents to object against the development of the Caravan Park.

NRPA calls on all Noordhoek residents to object against the development of the Caravan Park. The deadline is September 8, 2021. Here is how.

On July 20th 2021 NRPA received the application notice for the development of the Caravan Park. Here is what is being applied for and what it means, as well as why NRPA is objecting and how residents can make their voices heard.

Application details:

Application number/Case ID: 70537880
Deadline for comments/objections: 08/09/2021

The application is asking for the following:

Application text What does this mean?
For the rezoning of the property from Rural and General Residential Subzone 1 to Subdivisional Area for Single Residential Zone 1 (including open space (private) and private road) and Utility Zone. For the plot to be rezoned to “Single Residential 1” and “Utility”.
For the subdivision of the property into 32 portions (29 Single Residential Zone 1, 1 open space (private), 1 private road and 1 Utility Zone portions). Subdivide into 31 “Single Residential 1” plots and 1 “Utility” plot

For departures from the Development Management Scheme:

–  for a building (clubhouse) to be setback 1m in lieu of 6m from the street boundary.

–  to permit the subdivision of the property into erf sizes (to be zoned Single Residential 1) that are smaller than 4000m2 in an area indicated as “minimum erf size of 4000m2”.

Approval to:
– build a clubhouse 1 meter from the internal road instead of the allowed 6 meters
– the SR1 plots to be smaller than the minimum which applies in that area of Noordhoek, which is 4,000m2
For Consent use to permit open space in a Single Residential Zone 1. To allow for an open space, which includes a clubhouse on a SR1 plot
For the approval of a street name: Oak Lane. This is the proposed name for the internal road

The complete application can be found here:

It is NRPA’s firm opinion that the application should be rejected by the Municipal Planning Tribunal, on the following grounds:

  1. The application and underlying documentation incorrectly states that the property has existing General Residential zoning. The application for rezoning is therefor incorrect and should be rejected.
  2. The reduction in the number of plots with Rural zoning in Noordhoek reduces the acreage where horses can be kept. This undermines the rural atmosphere and – by extension – the hospitality industry in this iconic part of Cape Town.
  3. The application does not comply with the Municipal Planning By-Law 2019, as the erf sizes for the proposed plots are smaller than the minimum plot sizes dictated by the LAO/12 overlay (4,000m2). This application does not give sufficient grounds for a departure from the overlay.
  4. The development is in contradiction to the Urban Design Policy 2013.
  5. The development is not compliant with the Development Principles in SPLUMA and LUPA.
  6. The evaluation of desirability under the Municipal Planning By-Law 2019 (section 99(3)) gives a negative result.
  7. The right of way as contained in Notarial Deed 626/1952 did not foresee the increase in traffic that is now proposed and may no longer apply in the event of a change in zoning.
  8. The development of gated communities is unwanted and runs against the community sense of Noordhoek.
  9. The Civil and Electrical Services Report for the planned development is incomplete and flawed.

More details on each of these points are given in an objection document that NRPA will be submitting. Should you wish to hear more about them, or have questions on the points above then please reach out to us at

How can residents object?

  • Fill in the attached form. This can be done by printing it and filling it in, or directly in a pdf programme such as Adobe or Preview. Should you not know your Erf number, then please contact and we can help you find it
  • Explain why you object. You must address the following points:

Your interest in the application

Being a resident of Noordhoek is a good one!
Effect the application will have on you, your property or the area. Indicate the reasons why you are objecting. The NRPA’s arguments listed above could serve as inspiration
Any aspect of the application that is considered to be inconsistent with policy, and how. Here you could follow some of the NRPA’s arguments if you wish
What impact the development has on your property. Decrease in value, view, more traffic, stormwater drain off, etc

Obviously, the box on the form is too small to add all this information, so you can write it in a separate document and mention in the box that there is an attachment.

  • Send the objection to email address or fax: 086 202 9985. It can also be submitted in writing – please arrange an appointment with (phone no 021 444 2619) to hand it in.
  • Please send a copy of your objection to so that we know who has objected and on what grounds.

What is the deadline for submitting objections?

  1. The deadline for objections is 5 PM, September 8th 2021.

What happens after you object?

  1. The application will come before the Municipal Planning Tribunal, which meets monthly, where the applicant will be given the chance to give reasons why the objections should be overruled.
  2. The Municipal Planning Tribunal takes a decision (approve/reject/partially reject) on the application and informs everyone who has objected.

What if the application is approved anyway?

  1. It is possible to appeal the (partial) approval by the Municipal Planning Tribunal, in which case the application will come in front of the City of Cape Town Council.

Please take a look at the following Q&A’s for more information or reach out to

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