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The site, Erf 4736, is situated in Noordhoek at the Old Caravan Park. A proposal has been submitted for the rezoning of the site and subdivision to allow for the development of the site into a gated community, which would divide the land into:

  • 32 smaller erfs.
    • 29 residential
    • 1 private road
    • 1 for private open space (A consent use is required to permit the private open space use.)
    • 1 for Utility use.

The majority of the proposed properties would range between 470 sqm and 600 sqm creating a high cost high density residential area. The planning proposal requires approval for departures from the Noordhoek Local Area Overlay Zone, which restricts the subdividing of land into portions of less than 4000 sqm in very specific areas of Noordhoek.

Noordhoek Local Area Overlay Zone: the primary purpose of the long established and recognised overlay zone is:

  • to protect the equestrian economy of Noordhoek. 4000 sqm allows for residential horses;
  • to preserve some of the rural nature of parts of the residential area;
  • to protect nature; and
  • to ensure that Noordhoek does not establish itself as a high density living area, which are catered for elsewhere in the Peninsula and beyond.

Departures are required from the building lines to permit the clubhouse and departures are required from the Noordhoek Local Area Overlay Zone to subdivide and reduce the property sizes. The property contains thickets of trees and greenery.

Review the community vision goal for “Horses of Noordhoek” (click here). Should you wish to object to erfs in the equestrian zone being subdivided in small properties and in so doing, the development goes against the city’s existing planning overlay zone, then follow the link below.

The NRPA does not want to see an erosion the equine community and equine economy in Noordhoek (in line with the Noordhoek Community Vision – click here). Further to that, we’d like to preserve the existing Noordhoek Local Area Overlay Zone for generations to come, to ensure that Noordhoek does not become a high density residential area.

Planning permission: Case ID 70537880

How to comment: (see question 2 & 3)