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Horse riders – contributions please

Once Again – calling all horse riders for comment and assistance with the beach entrance along Willow Road.

Horse riding community we have heard your concerns with our first proposed changes for the highly eroded beach entrance along Willow Road.

Horse rider and Noordhoek resident, Emma MacArthur, drew up a new proposal that we think you will really like.

Please see the pictures below of what it currently looks like and what we have proposed. The total budget that we will need to complete this project is R40k. The team from Project Noordhoeked will be helping to do the work.

The plan is to use post and rail paddock styled fencing as the fencing along the road and then to terrace the steps down to make them easy to use for riders and to ensure no additional erosion takes place.

There will be a separate entrance along the road for dog walkers along with signage letting them know this is a high horse traffic path and to rather use the pedestrian path.


Please suport this community project with funding. Deposits can be made to the below NRPA account.

Noordhoek Ratepayers Association
Savings Account No. 2008230716
Longbeach Mall Branch (125009)
Please use your surname and Willow Road as the reference.

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