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Welcome Neighbour

By September 20, 2019NRPA Notification, Spotlight

Welcome Neighbour!


We are the Noordhoek Ratepayers’ Association (NRPA); registered with the City and acting on your behalf to protect Noordhoek’s unique character now and into the future.


We are the custodians of Noordhoek’s Vision2030 and strive to develop Noordhoek as a vibrant, engaged and sustainable community.


What is Vision2030?


In 2016, the NRPA co-ordinated the creation of a shared vision for Noordhoek and its residents. After taking feedback from more than 400 interviews and groups, the community gave us 6 clear goals:


  1. Championing our unique equestrian heritage: Horses of Noordhoek
  2. Developing a great place to relax and to enjoy: Noordhoek Unplugged
  3. Protecting nature and biodiversity within the community: Tread Lightly
  4. Growing and supporting a sustainable local economy: Circular Economy
  5. Working with surrounding communities to help them succeed: Good neighbours
  6. Effective and considered town and residential planning: Local Spatial Planning


All these goals are underpinned by ensuring community safety and security for people and nature.


What can the NRPA do for you?


  • Help with queries relating to property rights and responsibilities, utilities and public spaces.
  • Help with getting municipal services, traffic and roads, planning, public maintenance.
  • Be a watchdog for undesirable development that threatens our local cultural and heritage.
  • Help fund local projects and organisations that support the Vision2030.
  • Share information, support and participate in all things that matter to Noordhoek.
  • Management of public facilities – including the Common and the Community Centre.


Why should you support the NRPA?


Noordhoek is a genuinely unique community. The work we do to protect our stunning environment and first-class lifestyle makes Noordhoek a highly desirable property market too – one that has enjoyed the biggest growth in South Africa.


The NRPA is the civic voice of our community. We are an association of the community for the community. We are neighbours who love our community and give our time and skills for free to keep it the special place to live, work or visit that it is. We ensure our community’s voice is heard, our rights are protected, and our Vision is brought to life!


Our collective voice is stronger when everyone participates. Our community resources go further with proper oversight. Our focus is clearer when we find consensus.


We ask you to join us! All registered property owners in Noordhoek are invited to get active or fund the efforts of those who are. By become a voting member, you get a say in what we do and your annual membership fee of R200 (less than 55c per day!) goes straight to community service groups.


Get more info, read the Vision2030, and register today at and help us shape Noordhoek’s future.


We look forward to meeting you soon.