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Waste Collection

By September 21, 2016October 23rd, 2017City Notifications

Recently there has been some confusion and questions over waste collection procedures in the valley.  Please see the below question and answer discussion between the NRPA and the City’s Derek van Rensburg (Frikkie),
Senior Foreman at  Solid Waste Management.

1.     Only COCT bins will be emptied – this is because we pay per bin per month and it is the only way the waste removers have of knowing how many bins have been paid for.

Ans:  In order to correctly identify rates payers and linked with the allocations of bins collection staff has been instructed to only collect and service COCT bins.

When a customer applies for refuse services the City allocates the container. This container remains the property of the City. The terms and conditions of contract stipulates the customer to notify the City in the event of damage to the container or lost due to theft. The City have Waste Inspectors like myself that inspect and monitor areas to ensure that all Generators of waste is compliant with both our National waste act and the City’s Waste By-laws.

The Customers have been issued with RFID marked container that is collected by the refuse truck and scanned for logistical and payment purposes. The collection of Non Council containers impede thus with the capturing of data correctly. (see attached forms:

 2.     How do people get official bins? Is there a limit to what they are allowed?
Ans:  On the rates account is a call centre number / waste wise e-mail address that could be used or customers can walk in at any civic or local library for assistance.

The customer can choose the amount of bin required or the amount of collections per week. For best result the customer (trade can request a inspector to advise on a waste plan and bin placement.

If a Customer (trade Industry) prefers to rather utilize the services of a private contractor then authority needs to be requested by the Director of Waste Disposal in writing. Note that the City shall still remain the local Authority to monitor and control waste disposal, thus The trade customer to comply and be available for adhock inspections from an inspector.

3.     Garden refuse – collected/not collected/in the bin/out the bin… refuse dump sites near Noordhoek?
A Small % of Garden refuse is allowed in between normal domestic waste (wet waste) +-5%…. Garden Refuse to bagged (green bags preferable). The City shall collect Garden Refuse on request at a specified rate. Garden Refuse can be disposed of by the customer at the local Drop-Off. In your area that should be in Kommetjie. – see map below.kommetjie-drop-off

4.     Has the waste collecting contract been finalised?  What is the plan going forward?
Ans: A new contractor has been appointed and shall commence services on the 1st October 2016. Note I shall be monitoring and working with the contractor in your area on a daily basis. All complaints and concerns can forwarded to me.

5.     And for recyclables?
Ans: The New Contractor assigned shall service both Wet (domestic) and Dry (recycle) waste  from the 1st October 2016.

6.     Any other information that helps people to understand the service you provide and how they can help make the system work!
Ans: Note collections times as per policy: Customer to place bin out on roadside for “kerbside” collection by 06:00am. The service provider shall collect from 06:00am till 16:00. In the event that the bin has not been collected due to logistical / maintance problems from the service provider the City request the customer to keep the bin out for collected until otherwise communicated.

Customer are requested to refrain from handing gifts or payment to collections crews for the collection of Waste material. If any Contractual employee or permanent employee of the City request financial payment or payment in gift form please refrain and report to the City immediately.

Warm Regards  / Hartlike Groete

Derek van Rensburg (Frikkie)
Senior Foreman

Solid Waste Management
Two Oceans Collections
Oasis Bussiness Park
Schaapkraal road
Schaapkraal, Cape Town
(Tel:  +27 (0)21  444 8819
(Cell:  +27 (0)76 565 4177