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As part of the road upgrading process it is necessary to relocate existing pipes and cables out of the way of future roadworks.  At the intersection of Frigate and Chebec Crescents numerous pipes and cables exist.  To relocate them requires that Chebec Crescent (north side at Frigate Crescent) be closed to vehicular traffic so that a system of pipes can be installed below the road surface.  This work is planned to commence on Tuesday 4th July 2017 and is expected to take a week to complete.


Alternative vehicular routes will be indicated with temporary road signs and arrows.  Access to all properties, vehicular and pedestrian will be maintained at all times.  Access into this portion of Sun Valley will be via Frigate Crescent into Dory Walk.  The intersection of Chebec Crescent and Dhow Street will be physically closed with vehicular access permitted for residents only.


For any concerns or further information, please contact:

Dwayne Miller


PO Box 238, Plumstead, 7801

Tel:      021-762 3050

Fax:     086 665 7430



Kommetjie Road Project Team.