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Treasurer needed for the NRPA

URGENT: Treasurer Needed for the NRPA

Rob Speedy is leaving the NRPA Exco after 8 years and we need a volunteer to step in to his shoes as Treasurer.

As with any organisation, finance management is key to the success of the NRPA.

The duties of the Treasurer are to manage the financial affairs of the NRPA:

  • Make authorised payments as required by the Exco
  • Record and allocate receipts
  • Maintain a cash book of financial activity and reconcile monthly to the bank account
  • Report back the Exco monthly on the financial position of the NRPA
  • Prepare and present annual financial statements at the AGM
  • See to it that the annual tax return is correctly submitted
  • Administer the membership database
  • Reconcile members and audit addresses and erf numbers
  • Record payment status of members
  • Invoice members for fees due
  • Deal with member queries from time to time
  • Oversee fundraising from time to time

It generally requires on average about 8 hours a month, sometimes a little more. It is critical to stay on top of the cash book monthly. Basic bookkeeping and Excel skills are needed, as well as attention to detail.

Please reach out to if you are able to help with this position or know of someone that we can approach.