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Septic and conservancy tank cleaning

Septic and conservancy tank cleaning

This is a post in light of recent outcries about outrageous fees being charged by CoCT for the cleaning of septic and conservancy tanks:
  1. As posted by NRPA in June 2023, it is unfortunately correct that CoCT no longer provides 6 free tank cleanings a year since 1/7/2023. They now charge R279.20 (incl VAT) per 1000 litres
  2. A normal 4 person household with a septic tank (of 2000 litres) should now expect to pay R500-600 incl VAT for a cleaning.
    Note: A septic tank that is operated properly should not require frequent cleaning. If this is the case residents are urged to have their system checked by a qualified plumber
  3. A household with a 5000 litre conservancy tank should expect to pay R1400 incl VAT for a cleaning
  4. In comparison, residents connected to waterborne sewage pay approximately R800 incl VAT per year based on 6000 litre monthly water consumption

NRPA has protested to CoCT about this change, directly as well as through the @Far South Peninsula Community Forum. Not only are owners of conservancy tanks being treated unfairly (forced to invest in an expensive system + very high annual cleaning cost), but the execution of the new rules is grossly inadequate (residents reporting being charged R5000 for cleaning a septic tank). NRPA believes that a separate accommodation should be reached for conservancy tank owners that brings annual cleaning charges in line with households connected to waterborne sewage.

NRPA urges owners of septic and conservancy tanks to check the pumped volume on the slip of the honeysucker. In the event that the amount is significantly higher than what you should expect (based on the volume of your system x fee) we advise you to sign the slip “under protest”, take a picture of the slip and send an email with your complaint to the ward councillor ( with a copy to the NRPA ( Mention the size of your system and copy the picture of the slip. Landlords should inform their tenants!

NRPA also advises all owners of conservancy tanks to email their grievances to the ward councillor ( with a copy to the NRPA (

NRPA will be updating this post with the outcome of our protests against this unfair treatment.

Click to view the letter sent by NRPA and other civics to CoCT.