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Rubbish and Recycling collections

By February 1, 2023Uncategorized
We are aware of the recent issues regarding the timing of our rubbish and recycling being collected, but please can we remind residents of the following:
– Recycling is ONLY collected every 2nd week. If you have mistakenly put your recycling out on the incorrect day, PLEASE bring it inside by that evening so that it does not end up getting blown all around the valley or torn up by dogs and bin pickers.
– If you are able to, try to only put your rubbish bin and recycling out when you hear the trucks approaching. By putting our items out too early we are encouraging bin pickers in the area, which will lead to an increase in crime.
We live in a pristine valley and it is our duty to keep this valley clean. If you see litter, please do what you can to pick it up and help keep our neighbourhood beautiful.