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Noordhoek Roadworks update

Noordhoek Road Works update

Beach Road

The City of Cape Town contractors will be working on southern side of Beach Road for the next month, installing kerb stones onto the sides of the road between Avondrust and Hurter Ave. The City has indicated that they will install the v-shaped kerbs along residents’ drive-aways. This is to protect against flooding.

Oak Road

The current road works on Oak Road have been held up due to various supply chain issues. Th main issue being a 5-month wait for a part for the grader.

The work that was started on the kerb/furrow will be completed by early next week. Once the grader has completed works in Katzenellbogen, Roslyn and Dassenheuwel Roads, it will return to Oak to make a camber across the road towards the drains that are currently being constructed to assist in the rainy seasons.

Katzenellbogen, Roslyn and Dassenheuwel Roads

The NRPA has arranged for the City of Cape Town to maintain these roads, which will take place shortly now that the part for the grader has arrived.
Thank you to everyone for your patience.

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