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Is your firewood a danger to our trees?

Help protect Noordhoek’s trees against the PSHB beetle by buying your firewood responsibly.

Only buy Gum or Pine wood for your fireplace.
Use charcoal/gas to braai

The PSHB beetle is a serious threat to the Maple, Oak, Plane, Willow and Coral trees of Noordhoek – 50% of our trees. Firewood containing beetles are known to be the main reason for its spread to the Southern suburbs in recent months. Pictures on the right show what could happen to our trees!

Experts are urging residents to only buy Gum and Pinewood for their firewood – because these are brought in from areas that are not yet infested by the PSHB beetle – and to only use charcoal (or gas) for braais, as it is heat treated.

NEAG and NRPA are working together to form a group of local experts to identify and monitor so-called “reproductive host” trees in the valley. Residents will be receiving information and requests for assistance soon. Please reach out if you are willing to help to