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Dear NRPA Members and Noordhoek residents,

The NRPA committee is looking for help within the planning portfolio. We are looking for someone with some knowledge and/or passion for property and planning matters.

Many changes are happening in our society and in our environment. We all need to be proactive in getting involved and helping to influence the outcomes of change as best we can. The planning portfolio is responsible for reviewing and commenting on all the planning related applications in Noordhoek and, with the help of NEAG, for commenting on the environmental basic assessment reports. These are done prior to rezoning applications. This portfolio also acts as the liaison between the Ward Councilor, the Sub-Council and the NRPA.

We need people who care about Noordhoek to help us manage our beautiful home. If you think you would be able to provide some support, please contact us at It will be hugely appreciated by the NRPA and Noordhoek as a whole.

We look forward to hearing from you

Jenny Shaw
Planning Committee Member