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NRPA October 2022 Newsletter

Noordhoek Ratepayers Association October 2022 Newsletter

Mayor’s visit to Noordhoek

Thank you so much to everyone who attended and showed their support for the #Noordhoek2030 Vision ideals when the Cape Town Mayor, Geordin Hill-Lewis, visited us last month.

For those who missed it, this is a link to an article written by the False Bay Echo summarising the meeting –


Noordhoek Open Gardens

Please support the amazing crew from On The Verge with the annual Noordhoek Open Gardens that takes place on the 22nd and 23rd of October this year.

This event is the annual fundraiser for On the Verge to help them continue their amazing work in the community. To book your ticket please call +27 72 574 6608 or visit

Caravan Park Development Update

The Municipal Planning Tribunal decided on 23 august to approve the planning application for the Caravan Park development. NRPA made oral representations at the meeting in an attempt to convince the Tribunal to reject the application. Please find the detailed arguments in the attached documents. A summary:

  1. The proposal was objected to by 50 residents and organisations across the community. The NRPA, however, represents 423 members (21% of the ratepaying properties in Noordhoek), NEAG a further 200. This is an indication of how strong the sentiment in the community is against this proposal
  2. If densification is to be the goal then development of the site to 12 x 4.000m2 properties (which is the NRPA proposal) will result in a higher density than the proposal. This will be in line with the Noordhoek vision and support the open, rural character of Noordhoek and (by extension) the touristic and equine economy that characterises the area.
  3. While the application states that it will provide for “affordable” housing, in fact the R/m2 price will be far higher than existing properties of larger size in the area
  4. The sizes of the resulting properties are not in keeping with the surrounding area. The minimum of SR1 and Rural properties is 50% larger than those in the proposal and the average is significantly larger, let alone the maximum sizes.
  5. The report written by the planning department (supporting the development) does not give arguments why the minimum erf size of 4,000m2 for Single Residential zoned properties in the overlay LAO/12 is not being upheld, nor why an exception/derrogation should be given to this development

NRPA will be appealing the MPT decision in front of the Mayor. Only residents/organisations that have previously objected can appeal.


Green Bins

As you may have noticed, City Council has installed 5 additional green bins in the Chapman’s Peak area, including at 2 of the bus stops on Beach Road around the Noordhoek Sanctuary and at the Willow Road beach entrance.

This was done at the request of NRPA to support pedestrians in collecting and disposing of rubbish. With the Beach Road upgrade and new footpath (made by On the Verge) it is great to see more pedestrians along our streets and we are happy to see that most of the new bins are starting to fill up nicely – which means less litter in our neighbourhood.

When more green bins come available these will be installed in other areas around Noordhoek. NRPA has also requested bins at the Ou Kaapse Weg lookout points (1 was already placed at the Silvermine 1 entrance) – in the hope that the litter there is also reduced.

If you notice that the bins in your area are filling up fast, please call council or create a service request so that they can be emptied before they overflow.

Do you have a location in mind where a bin should be placed? Please reach out to us if you do.

#Noordhoek2030 #goodneighbours #treadlightly



The NRPA is working closely with the City of Cape Town to tackle the current taxi situation in Noordhoek.
Apart from numerous speeding reports, we have been made aware of a young cyclist being knocked off of his bike by a speeding taxi, which is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE!

Please can we ask that ALL and ANY taxi indiscretions – speeding, overtaking on solid lines, intimidating pedestrians and motorists, not stopping at stop streets and the traffic lights etc – please be reported to Waldo Prinsloo on and copy in the NRPA on

We would like to ensure that this situation is contained before we have a more serious accident on our hands.

NRPA Membership

 If you are a Noordhoek resident then we hope you will support our efforts by becoming a member. If you already are one, then we would appreciate your support in increasing our membership base. The annual contribution is R300, which not only helps us do the work we do, but more importantly gives us a larger member base and therefore increases our influence. For more information visit