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NRPA Members by area

Help the NRPA help Noordhoek


Being a member of the Noordhoek Ratepayers Association (NRPA) costs R300/year per household, that’s only R25/month! With these funds the NRPA works tirelessly to ensure that Noordhoek retains its village and rural atmosphere in the face of increased urbanisation, densification, commercialisation and development that are the realities of our city.

The NRPA does this by objecting, and sometimes fighting in court, to increasing applications to sub-divide large properties or to build environmentally damaging developments, and to keep Noordhoek without glaring commercial signage. The NRPA also deals with other community issues like sound pollution complaints and assists organisations that work in Noordhoek to maintain is natural beauty.

On top of that, the NRPA uses the membership fees to fund many of the integral local organisations such as On The Verge, gardening the community’s verges so they look fantastic; Project Noordhoek, cleaning litter from beach and the roads every week; and ToadNUTS, which protects the western leopard toads living in our community.

Brad Bing, Chairperson of the NRPA, says, “Noordhoek is an extraordinary place to live. The green, open spaces, surrounding mountains, pristine beach and village atmosphere is what we appreciate about our community, and why we live here. The NRPA works hard to keep these aspects of Noordhoek alive. Residents don’t realise that without the work the NRPA volunteers do, Noordhoek’s whole atmosphere could change irreversibly.”

In the membership graph, the NRPA has broken down each area of Noordhoek, showing how many houses are within an area and marking how many of these are paid-up members, non-paid-up members and non-registered houses.

“It’s alarming to see how many households are not paid-up members of the NRPA,” says Bing. “It is inexpensive and is an organisation that has the largest impact on the community you have bought property in, the community you and your family live in. It is also interesting that the NRPA Executive sees most of the neighbourhood complaints and calls for assistance from areas with the lowest number of paid-up members,” he says.

“It is a no brainer that all residents should be a part of this well organised civic organisation….and we are always able to assist the local residents who live here should there be a complaint or a problem. If you’re not a member yet, please consider signing up. It is literally the best investment you will make this year and is the right thing to do,” says Bing.

Please help us to help Noordhoek.

Banking Details:
Noordhoek Ratepayers Associations
Savings Account No. 2008230716
Longbeach Mall Branch (125009)
(Use your Surname and address as reference e.g. Smith 44 Avondrust)