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NRPA Exco Meeting 31 August 2017 18h00 – 19h30

By September 1, 2017November 26th, 2017Meeting Minutes

NRPA EXCO Meeting Minutes: 31 August 2017 18h00 – 19h30
Summary: Planning on Erf 2145, liquor licence, New restaurant and Thatch deposits. Civic updates on Far South Transport Plan, Ou Kaapse Weg and Water. Treasurer report. The Common Lease. Funding and support for local initiatives.
Present: Brad Bing (Chair), Rob Speedy, Jenny Shaw, Sharon Long, Marc Bakker and Liz Smith.
By Invite: Peter Ray, Brendan Jenman and Brian Baldwin (NEAG).
Apologies: Michelle von Blommestein, Stephen Cruickshank, Mark Frankels


Far South Community Forum AGM attended by JS and SL
Erf 2145 – this matter has been handed to John Little of legal for attention. NRPA is pushing for due process to be followed – cannot simply be unilaterally enclosed.
Comment forms for liquor licence applications can be obtained via ward councillor if not attached to application.
New restaurant on Avondrust Circle – some aspects not completed according to plan so NRPA is following up and will ensure landscaping is done by a professional according to plan. City environmental inspector will monitor. Thatch deposits on Main Rd – BB will contact relevant person.

Spatial Development Plan and Transport Plan have been published (including public, private,motorised and non-motorised) but the priority areas are city centre/north-west of city – far south is not a high priority. Dualling of Ou Kaapse Weg and Kommetjie Rd have been budgetted for but timeframes are unclear (we estimate a minimum of 8 years)
While rail is recognised as the backbone of the transport plan there are real challenges between local and national government which hamper this.
Far South transport plan has been rejected by local transport consultant – we may submit our plan in October.
Houmoed Rd extension seems to be a fait accompli – raises a question as to which issues we expend time and resources on trying to exert our influence. Comment on the transport plan is required by 25 September.
Water – city has various options/plans but timeline is not forthcoming. Concern that it may be insufficient for the coming year – what contingency plans should Noordhoek be looking into?
SL will attend the talk on ‘Demystifying Groundwater’ on 5 September.

R74 000 in the bank
167 paid up members – 48 more in total than this time last year.
Noordhoek Community Centre – Noordhoek Tourism will take one room and are renovating. Expensive renovations are parking and toilets, limited usage possible before both these are done.

Negotiations still underway with Volunteer Wildfire Services.

MB attended Common Committee meeting – strategies regarding water, replanting inter alia were discussed.
Legal relationship with NRPA is unclear as are exact terms of lease with the City and where it is.
Question regarding whether the common is covered by liability insurance- LS and MB to find out from Lynn Brown if she knows.
Keen to resuscitate the Noordhoek Fair and has sent a proposal to the Common Committee as a start. Would require ratification by Exco.
On-the-Verge – Open gardens weekend of 21-22 October.
Noordhoek Riding Club – Plans to build a new clubhouse – MB will invite the chairperson to Exco meeting to discuss plans and has offered to support the process.

This portfolio covers a large diversity of work; administrative, interfacing with residents, dissemination of general information/newsletters and communication from city to residents, and support for 2030 projects, besides current creation of website. Ideal would still be to have a paid administrative position so volunteers could focus on more strategic and current issues. LS to clarify the various roles and what is possible to be done by whom.

Funding Requests and Suggestions:
NSRI has enquired if NRPA would like to sponsor a lifesaving buoy at R1 200 to be positioned on the beach. NRPA very willing to do so but two problems, beach is SANParks land and there is a danger of theft and/or vandalism as the beach is remote.

Decision – We will fund a buoy to be placed wherever the NSRI thinks it is most required.
KRRA request for donations towards funds for their legal action against the City in the matter of ongoing approval of developments in the far south. JS will pen a response to be sent by BB.

Sonnette Hills’ job creation project to clean Noordhoek – it was suggested that NRPA may want to support this. Decision to ask her to attend a meeting and give us a 5-minute presentation on the project.

NRPA and Community Website:
Development is progressing but we need a deadline – end of September a special meeting will be held to view the website etc.

NEAG has submitted an objection to the Houmoed Rd extension based on objective points of a wetlands expert, Prof Davies, regarding the danger of the road providing the tipping point that could destroy the ability of the whole wetland to self-correct and purify run-off pollutants, resulting in it becoming stagnant. They are of the opinion that legal action may be required.

Next meeting:
Thursday 28th September – 6.00pm – 7.30pm Noordhoek Community Centre.
Please note – Exco members to meet at 5.45pm for photos for web profiles