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NRPA Exco Meeting 30 March 2017 18h00 – 19h30

By March 31, 2017November 16th, 2017Meeting Minutes, NRPA Notification

NRPA EXCO Meeting Minutes 30 MARCH 2017 18h00 – 19h30

Present: Brad Bing (Chair), Sharon Long, Jenny Shaw, Marc Bakker, Liz Smith and Rob Speedy.
By Invitation: Tracy Brownlee,Peter Ray,Lynn Brown (attended for the first ½ hour.)
Apologies: Stephen Cruickshank


New members of EXCO were welcomed by BB

Background And Values Of NRPA
The background, rules of engagement and values of the NRPA were discussed.

AGM Feedback

  • Well attended
  • Level of professionalism ‘knocked the socks off’ some attendees
  • Clear, concise and lively – didn’t drag on
  • A lot of info to take in so perhaps something sent out beforehand to support or some sort of follow up afterwards
  • Great to have 2030 projects on show
  • Good working relationship of the NRPA Exco and particularly of BB and LB was tangible
  • Good relationship between NRPA Exco and Felicity Purchase was apparent and excellent that she was there to answer certain questions.
  • The Q&A was well received
  • Subscriptions were collected at the end of the meeting

Four Key Components For 2017

  • Develop and improve relationships/network with all other interest groups in the valley to facilitate flow of information – General Portfolio task – MB to create team to support
  • Develop a specific strategy for each piece of city-owned land in Noordhoek – Civic and Planning – SL to create support team
  • Increase focus on 2030 Projects – communicating the projects and connecting them to where the people are – TB to create support team
  • Succession Planning – each portfolio to bring people in and create a team


Orientation meeting LB, MB, SL, LS 10 April – 4.00pm
List of CCT structures and related people to be emailed to all LB
Archives and Physical Comms files /master copies LB keeps


Digital Portfolio files to be copied to flashdrive and given to relevant person – Comms to get copies of all  


Email signatures where needed and new letterhead to all RS
EXCO Telephone numbers to all RS
Profile photos SC 20/04 (next meeting)
EXCO meeting dates for 2017 to be distributed LS

Next Exco Meeting: Thursday 20th April at 18h00 Monkey Valley