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NRPA Exco Meeting 28 September 2017 18h00 – 19h30

By September 30, 2017November 26th, 2017Meeting Minutes, NRPA Notification

NRPA EXCO Meeting Minutes: 28 September 2017 18h00 – 19h30
Summary: NSRI donation; The Common; ‘Noordhoeked’ cleaning project; Jakes Restaurant; Houmoed update; Water crisis; Noordhoek Community Centre donation; Open gardens; Website update.
Present: Brad Bing (Chair), Rob Speedy, Jenny Shaw, Sharon Long, Marc Bakker and Liz Smith.
By Invitation: Brendan Jenman (BJ), Stephen Cruikshank (SC), Michelle van Blommestein (MvB), Cheryl Carrick, Sonnette Hill (SH)
Apologies: Mark Frankels

Matters Arising from Minutes

NSRI Donation
NRPA to make a contribution of R1 200 to the NSRI for what they do in Noordhoek. All in agreement.
Action – RS

The Common
Discussion about liability insurance. BB and Lynn Brown met with common committee 2 years ago and it was agreed that the Common lease would fall under the NRPA.
BB + SL to meet with Felicity Purchase & invite her and a representative of the Common Committee to next Exco meeting to discuss further.

‘Noordhoeked’ Projects
Sonette Hill Presentation
Project came about as a result of people constantly complaining about poo on the beach & plastic lying around.
SH raised funds through crowd funding and employs Paul Kata to keep Noordhoek and the surrounding communities clean.
Sport field – soccer kids clean up the sport fields once a week. No bins provided on the field.
Ou Kaapse Weg – 3 guys collected 300 bags of rubbish over 3 days at cost of R2 000. Recycling contractors were found dumping bags on Ou Kaapse Weg.
Masi – 60 Masi boys from football club filled up 100’s of bags outside of Masi – working for the community – very rewarding seeing them come to the realization how much mess there is & how it gets there –educating the children to clean up after themselves hopefully they will educate the adults.
Beach – PK worked every day this month & there is still plastic on the beach. Someone is having parties in the cave in the Hoek on weekends- bottles & broken found there weekly. NRPA to get ADT to patrol happening over the weekends – surfing community looking out.
Current focus – to clean Main Rd, Seacottage Drive, Ou Kaapse Weg & the beach on a regular basis.
Felicity Purchase helped with waste disposal problem organising picking up bags from the beach every week.
In addition to Paul’s wages Sonette also purchases all the bags.
BB to consult with sports field users on best way to keep clean.
LS to look into contacts to research the recycling system.
LS to write a piece on this project and send out.
SH to keep the NRPA Exco informed of any progress.
SC has contact at Tuffy – to communicate re possibly sponsoring bags
RS – The NRPA to commit to SH project an amount of R500/month for 12 months = R6000


Jakes on the Common Restaurant -issues around deviations from the plans.
BB to contact owner or the builder.

Houmoed Ave Update – City press release re development in Masi – 237 houses + Taxi rank upgrade. Houmoed extension will benefit Masi residents to access Noordhoek & Sunningdale.  Next steps – awaiting various Approvals from National & Local Government.
Water Crisis – Desalination plants, boreholes for COCT at tender stage and availability date still unknown. Closest to us will be Dido valley & Hout Bay harbour – waiting for answers from City for delivery date.
MB and SL attended the presentation in Kommetjie re Demystifying Ground Water.  Boreholes – feedback was that there is nothing wrong with taking water out the ground as long as there is regular monitoring of the Water Table.  And when water levels drop, that consumption is reduced to maintain existing water table. Desalination should be used for replenishing aquifers.
Clarity re Water limits per Person and Household is available on the City of Cape Town’s website.

Community Centre – MB attended Community Centre meetings re renovating the space. Steering committee to look at fundraising event for funds to renovate ablution facility & hall. Walk or hike to explore Noordhoek – simplest way of fund raising and easy to organize.
Noordhoek Tourism – Busy with open gardens project – aiming to bring 800 to 1000 people in from outside of Noordhoek.
Noordhoek Riding Club – Exco to extend invite to Riding club chairman to discuss their intention to create a new pavilion and where we could be of assistance. Action MB

Members and Income -168 members – No additional income generated in this past month.
Fiber – Still no date confirmed for when the first phase of fibre will be activated in Noordhoek.
Noordhoek Community Centre – Section of community Centre taken on by Noordhoek Tourism.
Meeting room will be made available for booking to local organisations in return for a donation towards its upkeep.
Proposal to contribute a start-up kitty of R2000 for NCC maintenance to be managed by RS & the Community Centre Management Committee.
All Exco members in agreement. Action RS
LS to send out a newsletter to inform members of what the NRPA is doing with the subscriptions.

RolesMvB confirmed to take minutes henceforth.
LS to take on more of the connecting in the valley & writing.
Newsletter & information sharing -Newsletter is important to showcase and support people’s initiatives. All comms to be verified by the NRPA chairman. This is required as per the constitution. BB to be cc’d in all communications to SC re posting to website and MailChimp. City reports can be published directly but other issues, especially those reflecting an opinion need approval and consensus from Exco members.

Website Update
Have created the basic framework for the site without content, which needs to be provided. The new logo design?
BJ needs to off load the site – someone needs to liase with Matthew re content – find someone in the valley to take this on.
Action –BB to provide history content
LS & MvB to meet and feedback to BJ as soon after 6 October as possible

Next Meeting – Thursday 26th October 18h00 – 19h30 at the Noordhoek Community Centre