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NRPA Exco Meeting 27 July 2017 18h00 – 19h30

By July 28, 2017November 16th, 2017Meeting Minutes, NRPA Notification

NRPA EXCO Meeting Minutes: 27 July 2017 18h00 – 19h30
Summary: NRPA website development, Treasury report, Fibre, Houmoed Traffic Plan, Noordhoek Tourism Premises, Liquor Licence
Present: Brad Bing (Chair), Rob Speedy, Jenny Shaw, Sharon Long, Marc Bakker
and Liz Smith
By Invite: Peter Ray, Stephen Cruikshank, Mark Frankel, Brendan Jenman and Rob Anderson (NEAG)
Apologies: Michelle von Blommestein

(Held at the Noordhoek Community Centre for the first time.)

BJ has been working with Matthew Rosmarin who is excited about the concept of
2 websites – one NRPA and one community – and would do both for an increase
in budget of R3 000.
BJ has been extracting and categorising all posts on current NRPA site to arrive
at a proper structure. Process is threefold – creating structure, finding the tone
and then supplying/writing content.
They will be WordPress sites. Emphasis is on crating sites where it is easy to find
what one is looking for (across documents and pages) and timesaving for those
working with them going forward.
• It was decided to create two websites, which are clearly linked with no
doubling up of publications
• It was decided to increase the budget for the above by R3 000 to a total of
R18 000. This will be funded out of the 2030 Vision Process surplus.
ACTION – BJ will drive the process at present and bring everyone in as it


Subs- 155 paid up members and R72 000 in bank. Non-paid up members are reinvoiced
every second month so reminders go out next month again.
Fibre – The only area actually live is the Lakes. All areas highlighted in pink on
the map (Chapmans Peak, Meadowsteads and the Dassenberg area) will become
live on Telkom fibre shortly. At this point, only Telkom services are being
offered. No timeframes are available yet for Noordhaven / San Michel and
Crofters Valley.
Succession planning – the Treasurer’s functions are being documented and
shared with MF to ensure continuity.
Recruitment and Messaging – there is now a structure to facilitate recruitment
which consists of 2 things:
• Determining who is/is not a member – aided by BJ’s map which will need
constant updating
• Messaging – this ties in with the website messaging so not able to
promote NRPA membership effectively until this is clarified.
ACTION – BJ to include MF in ongoing website development with Matthew
Membership is higher this year in comparison to the same time last year.
Discussion around possibility of including members who do not own property
but nevertheless pay rates e.g. Evergreen residents. This is not covered in NRPA
Decision Provision will be made in the new website for “associate membership”
that caters for residents who are not property owners, but who wish to
contribute and receive communication.
Noordhoek Community Centre
RS Represents the NRPA on the NCC Committee
The meeting room has started being used for meetings – will continue to
upgrade to make more comfortable and inviting.
A vision and plan for the premises is being developed and will then be taken to
the community.
The NCC Committee is in discussion with Volunteer Wildfire Services which is
looking for new premises during the fire season. The NRPA is supportive in
principle, but noted that the VWF presence should not inhibit community use of
the facility.
The NCC Committee is also in discussion withNoordhoek Tourism re taking one
room as a base.
Many people/groups will be interested in using the premises – plan and vision
for the place will help guide its use. The NCC Committee should balance
everyone’s ideas/needs with making it viable.

(with input from NEAG)
Houmoed Rd Extension
Environmental Report is out and public participation process begun. The
environmental issues are water, waste removal and indigenous vegetation which
require specialist environmental expertise (very expensive). The environmental
side impacts mainly on those outside NRPA boundaries.
NEAG agreed to take up the Houmoed Road Environmental, Water & Waste
Removal Issues at their meeting next week.
Immediate impact for Noordhoek Ratepayers is the traffic ‘rat-run’ it will create from
Kommetjie Rd to Ou Kaapse Weg via Houmoed, Main and Silvermine Rds. Safety
concerns around Sea Cottage, Katzenellenbogen and The Lakes’ intersections
with Main Rd.
The Houmoed Traffic Plan is included in the Far South Transport Plan. We will
await publication and react once available.
ACTION: SL and RA to liaise on environmental side – SL to attend NEAG
CoCT Transport Plan for South Peninsula is going to Mayco at the end of July –
after which it will be made public hopefully in August, when we can formulate a
view and comments.
City of Cape Town Integrated Development Plan
Available on City website – We all need to read and get to know it.
SL has summarised their intentions
Suggestion that we put up maps and go through it visually at a future meeting.
Green Wardens and De Goede Hoop Reserve
Residents of DGH are now actively involved in organising and funding alien
clearing on the reserve. Green Wardens under the management of Robin Stott
will be employed to clear the kloof on the western side immediately above
Monkey Valley. The Manor house is concentrating on a smaller area immediately
around it and this is nearing completion. Clearing of the whole reserve will take
at least 18 months and will be ongoing thereafter.
DGH is liaising with Cape Point Vineyards to clear the DGH eastern boundary
(conpleted) and the forest above.
Water SL is investigating city’s plan for water supply come September and will
share it as soon as it is clear.

Cell Tower – Nothing more to report
27 Beach Rd subdivision application – one section is 37m2 sort of 1000 m2. (min
allowed subdivision size). NRPA lodged an objection not wanting a precedent to
be set and now owner is appealing. The original erf is large enough for
subdivision of at least 1000m2 per piece.
ACTION –JS and SL will meet with the owner early next week.
Liquor Licence Applications – Two applications made including one off-sales for
The Wine and Swine. JS and BB met with the owner whose intention is to create
a bespoke wine pairing and meat deli which would also sell unopened wine.
No problem with Chapmans Peak Sports Resort application.
Wetland encroachment – on property at corner Silvermine and Seascape Rds.
Pool has been built on the wetland. Owner has been charged – procedure is he
must make it right, remove it or apply for a departure. Concern for future
wetlands if no other consequences other than a possible fine from the city.
Seascape Rd Public open space Access path to koppie on Seascape cul-de-sac has
been closed off by adjacent residents for security. JS followed up with city but
neither they nor fire department have a problem with this.
Containers on Main Rd next to Lakes southern entrance – being contested in

Noordhoek Tourism will decide in next 2 weeks if they will take premises at
Noordhoek Community Centre. Would mean raising funds for R25 000
investment in the premises and someone to man it. Primary goal is to market
Dog-Poo Project – Ndhk Tourism will sponsor one pilot project in the common
Noordhoek Riding Club – awaiting feedback from them.
ACTION – MB to contact Phil Cunningham of NRC
Common Committee – no contact this month
NEAG – MB attended their meeting
Vital that the General Portfolio develop close relations with all other associations
and groups in the valley to obtain feedback and offer support.
ACTION – MB to play a more active role in this regard.
UCT MA student doing her dissertation on gated communities, using Chapmans
Bay Estate as her case study, is requesting interview with LS regarding NRPA
view. Discussion as to whether it lies in Noordhoek or not – City seems to see it
as belonging but NRPA constitution excludes anything East of OKW.
ACTION – JS to find out from Felicity Purchase to clarify where it lies.
LS to ascertain the student’s questions and who most qualified to answer

LS attended the public meeting held by NEAG/ToadNUTS at Monkey Valley– well
attended, well run and very informative.
Based on this NRPA, NEAG and ToadNUTS all submitted comments in response
to the DBAR. NEAG and ToadNUTS employed environmental specialist Andre
v.d. Spuy to compile extensive environmental report which was submitted.
JS spoke to Michelle Walker in City planning who are also citing the 4th option for
that property.
Next Meeting – Thursday 31 August, 18h00 – 19h30 at the Noordhoek
Community Centre