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NRPA Exco Meeting 22 June 2017 18h00 – 19h30

By June 30, 2017November 16th, 2017Meeting Minutes, NRPA Notification

NRPA EXCO Meeting Minutes: 22 June 2017 18h00 – 19h30

Summary: Website development; Houmoed Rd; City of Cape Town Transport Plan for South Peninsula;Fibre; Noordhoek Community Centre; Membership Recruitment and Messaging; Cell Mast; Community footpaths;Dog-poo Composting project; Generation Schools

Present: Brad Bing (Chair), Rob Speedy, Jenny Shaw, Sharon Long, Marc Bakker and Liz Smith.
By Invite:Peter Ray, Michelle von Blommestein, Mark Frankels, Brendan Jenman and Rob Anderson (NEAG).

Apologies: Stephen Cruikshank, Tracy Brownlee.

Presentation By Brendan Jenman

BJ presented a vision of linking a much broader, community driven Noordhoek website with the planned new NRPA website.


  • A community hub portraying in a very clear and alive way the Noordhoek vision, values and culture particularly to newcomers moving into the valley. Something that entices people to subscribe to, get involved with and contribute towards maintaining and enhancing this vision and help create a specific behavioural culture.
  • A sense of belonging to this particular place – by virtue of living here one is automatically a member.
  • There will always be differences but this could help create a community where the ‘differences’ are well structured, rather than being destructive.
  • Would include but not be limited to the 2030 Projects and Vision.
  • One community database – a resource from which Noordhoek as a whole and the NRPA could draw – ideally including all 1 857 erven and their owners, profiling their professions, skills, what groups they belong to while ensuring protection of privacy. (BJ has already created a map of majority of erven, each with a pin, whether they are NRPA members and in what area they are located.)
  • Would provide reliable and factual information to counter what is often mis-information and emotive rumour that is on social media.
  • While being held by the NRPA as active observer (perhaps through an additional Exco portfolio) it would be interactive and community driven – a type of eco-system that Noordhoek residents themselves update and regulate, allowing it to grow and develop as Noordhoek does.
  • A forum from which NRPA membership can be encouraged and grown as well as a source of funds.
  • The large variety of different Noordhoek groups – formal, informal, large and small – would/could all be represented.
  • A useful, single go-to place to find out about Noordhoek, what lives here and the skills and resources that can be tapped into.
  • Would be separate from but clearly linked to the more formal civic/planning/governance issues and processes of the NRPA.

The above proposal was supported by all those present subject to the following questions:

  • What is the process going forward?
  • Who is going to drive it?

Whether a community online presence as presented above would be a separate website from the NRPA or whether just a different section of a single site will have to be looked at – as would the question of finances and subscriptions.

Whatever the eventual form, it falls under the 2030 vision process and the input of NEAG is vital to it.

NEAG will willingly slot into the Eco-Site – will be of reciprocal benefit.

BB thanked BJ for his presentation.

Action – BJ to meet TB to discuss a plan going forward.


Portfolio Reports


Houmoed Rd extension Environmental report due out this month. The initial study did not show an alternative.

CoCT Transport Plan for South Peninsula is due out shortly.



Subs-Re-invoiced members and more has come in +- R70 000 in bank and 150 people paid up.

Fibre: Chapmans Peak, Meadowsteads and the Dassenberg area will become live on Telkom fibre shortly.  No timeframes yet for Noordhaven / San Michel and Crofters Valley.  RS will try to ascertain further detail.

Noordhoek Community Centre is all set up and can be used for meetings (no projection facilities.)

Membership Recruitment and Messaging

MF is identifying erven and thanks to map created by BJ can click on each to find out who are/are not NRPA members

Exploring messaging to be crafted and to encourage membership – will include Common Committee in the messaging.

Ties in with new website creation and eco-site which will be a recruitment tool to build consensus and consistency – small commitments that grow steadily.

Possibly adopt something like Greenpoint’s 7-Steps to unite community.



Cell Tower – The NRPA submitted an appeal and insisted that the 10m building line be maintained, not reduced to 5m. This was accepted by the city – means the tower would be have to be situated closer to the applicant’s house.

Generation Schools application – see separate section on Generation Schools


MB attended NEAG and DASCRO Neighbourhood Watch meetings – Crofters Valley has a big security issue at the moment so large attendance at the meeting.

On-the-Verge looking into opening/re-opening community footpaths. Have done research and are making a footpath map.

Noordhoek Riding Assoc –MB emailed regarding the overwatering of their land but no response as yet.

Plans to meet with neighbourhood watches.

Sheryl Carrick from Oshun will join MB on General sub-committee

Dog-poo Composting project is progressing.


Generation Schools

Application to develop a school on lower portion of De Villiers farm – erf 4743

Discussion on how the NRPA should proceed – need to stay impartial and create a space for people to meet and facilitate a conversation with Generation Schools and relevant authorities.

Decision to organise a meeting within the next week provided we can ensure that representatives from all stakeholders can be present i.e. Generation Schools, Nick Steytler (EAP) from Khula, city planning official and ward councillor.

Action – JS to ascertain if Nick Steytler and Generations Schools are available.


Next Meeting – Thursday 27 July, 18h00 – 19h30 at the Noordhoek Community Centre