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NRPA 2022 in review

By December 20, 2022January 24th, 2023GoodNeighbours, NRPA Notification, Spotlight

With 2022 almost at an end, we look back at an incredibly successful year for the Noordhoek community. This is what NRPA and partnering organisations were able to do for the community:

  • NRPA initiated and coordinated the Beach Road and Oak Avenue upgrade.
  • NRPA and NRC arranged for installation of Main Road pedestrian/equestrian crossing lights at the Noordhoek Garden Emporium.
  • Project Noordhoeked had an incredibly active year cleaning the beach, extending the beach boardwalk and clearing aliens, removing snares, as well as a very successful fundraiser On The Verge built the Beach Road footpath, extended the number of verges, successfully raised funds during the open gardens event 2022 a being done on additional verges around Noordhoek.
  • NRPA set up a GIS system to make planning support easier for Noordhoek Homeowners.
  • NRPA and NEAG worked closely together on many fronts to maintain Noordhoek’s rural feel: participating in ward council committees, subcouncil 19 and Far South Peninsula Community Forum as well commenting on planning applications and on municipal policies and by-laws.
  • NRPA and NEAG developed and distributed a flyer of all the organisations in the Valley. This was given to all estate agents to distribute to new homeowners in the area, encouraging them to become member and contribute.
  • NRPA wrote a detailed planning explanation for residents to help answer any planning queries they may have (
  • NRPA wrote a detailed septic and conservancy tank explanation and facilitated improvement of council service delivery for their cleaning (
  • NRPA lobbied for the improvement of OKW/Silvermine intersection road signs and painting
  • NRPA set up a newsletter and WhatsApp group subscriber drive to keep residents informed on important matters
  • NRPA, NEAG and NRC actively collaborated on the SANParks equestrian management plan to ensure that Noordhoek remains horsey and that old paths in the wetland are reopened
  • NRPA and NEAG welcomed the Mayor visit to Noordhoek to allow him to see how the people of Noordhoek are implementing the Noordhoek 2030 Vision
  • NRPA was in daily contact with Patricia Francke, our ward councillor on many fronts.
  • NRPA organised a successful Christmas Market to help raise funds for the local sporting organisations.
  • NRPA supported local businesses through active social media presence.
  • NRPA provided funding for the Masi Neighbourhood Watch with new vests.
  • NRPA initiated and helped organise the Chapmans Peak 100-year celebrations and Soccer Festival.
  • NRPA Dealt with 31 planning applications (up from 19 in 2021), worked with residents to bring plans in line with our vision and objected to only 5 of the applications.
  • NRPA and NEAG held 2 workshops on Climate Change in the valley and conducted a Survey to ascertain the most pertinent climate change issues for Noordhoek residents.
  • NRPA published the results of a Tourism Survey to ascertain how much money tourism makes for the Noordhoek Valley and supported Noordhoek Tourism in connecting with new members.
  • NRPA assisted service delivery by lobbying for the repainting of all main roads around Noordhoek, installation of green bins around Noordhoek and OKW.
  • NRPA assisted local organisations with substantial media coverage across local and national media outlets.
  • NRPA held a well attended AGM and has started work on questions that were raised by members (notably bus stops and conservancy tank requirements).

What would you like us to work on in 2023?

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