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Noordhoek Main Road speeding

In recent weeks, the City of Cape Town has very generously placed a traffic officer in Noordhoek to monitor traffic movement in our area.

The findings have been quite alarming, affirming numerous recurring complaints pertaining to the reckless driving behavior exhibited by motorists in the valley.

The speed limit along Noordhoek Main Road and Silvermine Road is 70km/hour – one driver was recorded doing 128km. Noordhoek is a rural area. That’s one of the main reasons most of us choose to live here. It goes without saying that driving at excessive speed is a danger to all – humans and animals.

There was also a large number of drivers that were stopped without valid driver’s licenses.

While public feedback often revolves around crime prevention and community safety, it is disheartening to observe that a significant number of our residents persistently violate the law by consistently exceeding the speed limit.

We live in one of the most beautiful areas in the Western Cape – let’s consider others and take the time to enjoy our surroundings.