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Newsletter August 2022

Snares killing Noordhoek Wetland wildlife

As Karoline Hanks, who runs Project Noordhoeked, a team that regularly works in the wetlands, says, “This is not for sensitive folk, but this is the reality out in our wetland. Many hundreds of snares have been found and removed. Some with evidence of struggle and death, some not. One actually caught a dog walker’s pup by the leg, it was that potent, and that close to the path,” she says.

Hanks says that her Project Noordhoeked team will become the eyes and ears in the wetland as they work in the area removing the invasive forests of Port Jackson, which are providing the perfect placement for these rudimentary snares.

“Last week, we were taken out by an experienced tracker and shown what’s what, and my team proved themselves to be capable and competent. In the space of two hours, they removed seven snares,” says Hanks. “We firmly believe this will add huge value to our work and offerings and have a positive effect on ecosystem integrity in our valley.”

Brad Bing, Noordhoek Ratepayers Chairperson (NRPA), says, “Our wetland is unbelievably magnificent and diverse, and we need to do all we can to protect it. The best way to do so is to become a NRPA member, as we support projects like Project Noordhoeked and others.”

Hanks says, “Donations mean we can keep employing our intrepid team and continue to make a massive difference to our little piece of paradise.”

Noordhoek Ratepayers Association Bank account details:
Noordhoek Ratepayers
Nedbank, Longbeach Mall (Branch 125009)
NOTE: Savings account
Account No. 2008230716
Please use your name and Project Noordhoeked as a reference.

Or to become a NRPA member at only R300/year. Go to or email your name and address to join today.

The NRPA not only works on the six community goals developed to keep Noordhoek the best place to live, we also financially support other organisations working in Noordhoek like: On The Verge, Project Noordhoeked, the Common Committee and many more.

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Searching for a Climate Change Champion

As part of our plan to update the Noordhoek 2030 Vision document to include Climate Change – we are looking for a Climate Change champion who would like to join us on the NRPA Committee and help us to drive this portfolio!
If helping our valley to become a Climate Change beacon for the rest of the South Peninsula appeals to you – please DM us to get involved!

#Noorhoek2030 #ClimateChange




Toadnuts Need YOU!

The annual Leopard Toad migration has begun and Toadnuts are desperately looking for volunteers to assist with the mammoth task of keeping the toads alive while they cross our roads!
If you are able to help, please contact Suzie!
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We are happy to let you know that the alien vegetation growing on the Tom Ro Haven for Equines and Children location will be cleared by Project Noordhoeked pro bono to keep the property alien free!
Thank you Karoline and your team for all you do!
PLEASE NOTE – as we all know, alien vegetation increases the intensity of wildfires when they catch light. Landowners are therefore responsible to keep their properties free of alien vegetation. If a fire were to break out in the valley, those private properties that have alien vegetation growing on them that is not kept under control, will be held responsible for any damage done! By not keeping your property clear of alien vegetation you are undermining the safety of the community!
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Noordhoek teams up with Forge to map local trails

As part of the Vision 2030 efforts to promote walking/hiking in and around Noordhoek, Noordhoek Ratepayers Association (NRPA) has teamed up with Forge ( to publish a host of local footpaths, including a “Noordhoek Panorama Circuit” that takes you all the way around the valley on a 21.25 km (half a marathon!) long trail with a good 1100m elevation gain. There’s no need to elaborate on the views you will be treated to from the ridge above Noordhoek and from Chappies! Of course there are also other, more leisurely strolls that one can take around the beautiful village of Noordhoek.
Forge is a 100% South African-made application for smartphones that is free (donations appreciated). It can be downloaded on iPhone and Android phones from their website (
) as well as directly from Google Play and the Apple App Store.
The maps are packed with useful features including accurate and verified trails, GPS navigation, emergency calls and offline maps which can be downloaded for use without mobile coverage. The app also hosts trails further afield with trail maps covering several thousand kilometres of trails in over 40 well-known hiking areas across five provinces. Paths in the app are categorised according to their difficulty, the terrain they cross and whether dogs or mountain bikes are allowed.
Why not try it out on one of the coming beautiful sunny days? Check out the Noordhoek Panorama Circuit now online (…/NOORDHOEK-PANORAMA-CIRCUIT
) or on the app under ‘Table Mountain Routes’. There are lots of local paths that we will wager you are not yet aware of, and if you run a guesthouse or AirBnB this is a great activity tip for your guests.
Please reach out to NRPA or Forge should you wish to embed this map and the Forge app on your guest-house/airbnb website.
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How you can help the NRPA and the Noordhoek Community 

If you have ever wondered how you can help the NRPA and the Noordhoek Community at large – take a look here –
Image by StephenC Photography

Become a NRPA Member

The Noordhoek Ratepayers Association (NRPA) is a volunteer-led organisation that strives to protect Noordhoek and the interests of its residents.

As a community, we need to work, live and play together to uphold and deliver on the Noordhoek vision that residents have tasked us to guard and implement.

We aim to provide a platform for engagement with the relevant authorities and to make the most of the services that they provide to the community. The NRPA is determined to ensure that the community has a say in the decisions which affect them.

Our role is furthermore to support existing local initiatives as well as catalyse the creation of new ones.

We strive to ensure the community is involved, connects and interacts as a cohesive force for the good of the community.

In becoming a member, you provide the NRPA with an extra voice to continue this valuable work.

Our annual membership fee for 2022/3 is R300.