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Newsletter – April 2022

By March 29, 2022April 7th, 2022NRPA Notification, Publication, Spotlight

Become a NRPA Member


Thank you to those residents that are paid up members of the NRPA – your support is GREATLY appreciated.

To the others – please consider becoming an NRPA member to help us keep Noordhoek, Noordhoek!

For a meagre R300 per year – that’s a whopping R25 per month or R6,25 per week – can you afford NOT to be a member?

We have broken down each area of Noordhoek in the graph above, which clearly shows how many houses are within an area, as well as how many paid-up members, non-paid up members and non-registered houses there are!

What is very interesting for us as the NRPA Executive is seeing that most of our complaints and calls for assistance come from the areas with the lowest number of paid-up members.

Please help us to help Noordhoek.



Traffic Lights at the Noordhoek Garden Emporium


3 years ago, the NRPA in conjunction with the Noordhoek Riding Club – NRC, started discussions with the City of Cape Town about installing a pedestrian traffic light at the Garden Emporium zebra crossing.

With the help of some incredible people at the City of Cape Town – special shout outs to Tim de Villiers and Waldo Prinsloo – the traffic lights are up and working!

Thank you also to our amazing exco members who worked closely with the City during this time!

#Noordhoek2030 #horsesofnoordhoek


Caracal Sighting along Chapmans Peak Drive


Amazing Caracal pair sighting along Chapmans Peak Drive on the 14th of March – please can we urge motorists to be extra cautious when driving along this route so as to protect these animals.

#Noordhoek2030 #horsesofnoordhoek



Tourism Survey

Tourists flock to Noordhoek thanks to its village feel – and spend R90 million annually

A recent tourism survey found that tourists visit Noordhoek mainly for its village atmosphere and generate more than R90 million annually. It also found that the sector employs more than 300 previously under resourced people from our neighbouring communities.

The circular economy is one of the key aspects of the ‘Noordhoek Vision’, a shared document made up of six goals, put together by residents in 2016 to shape our community’s future. The Circular Economy Goal aims to build Noordhoek into a self-sustaining community in a self-sustaining valley, where locals support local businesses and employ local people. As the tourism survey has confirmed, tourism is a key aspect of the local economy and a critical income generator for all sorts of businesses in the valley.

Tourists love staying overnight, thanks to Noordhoek’s rural feel. The survey found that accommodation makes up almost half of the local tourism sector by number and is an anchor and launchpad into the area’s different activities. Restaurants and retail are the second most popular reason for people visiting and spending their money here.

Brad Bing, Chairperson of the Noordhoek Ratepayers Association (NRPA) says, “The rural, open and natural atmosphere is critical to people wanting to stay over and spend money in the valley. It speaks to the village’s sense of place. As locals we should encourage this and ensure we do everything possible to keep it. We can do so by encouraging entertainment in the village that complements the natural, open village feel, and by supporting activities that leverage this sense of place,” he says.

The food and beverage sector is the most significant employer in the valley, with respondents collectively employing 307 staff year-round increasing to 342 in season. 91% of staff members are from under-resourced communities. Bing says, “The survey found that the food beverage and retail sector is by far the largest contributor to local investment and employment. It is an extremely valuable direct employer and an investor back into the under-resourced communities of our area,” he says.

“This survey is extremely important as it helps us understand and grow the socio-economic drivers in the valley and gives us a good estimation of the value of Noordhoek’s tourism industry. In 2019 the NRPA conducted an equestrian economy audit that highlighted the value of rural zoning and small holding-sized erven. The tourism survey complements these findings, as it exactly these aspects that create the rural space and village atmosphere which drives the tourism sector,” he says.

“This survey allows us to attach social and economic value to our spatial assets and we can use this as leverage when engaging with the City of Cape Town on densification, sub-division and developmental matters. We hope that this will influence development in a way that respects Noordhoek’s sense of place because we can see the full value of it,” he says.

Locals are encouraged to support the NRPA, at only R300/year per household.

Become a member online at or email your name and address to join today.

The NRPA not only works on the six community goals developed to keep Noordhoek the best place to live, we also financially support other organisations working in Noordhoek like On The Verge, Project Noordhoeked, the Common Committee and many more.


#Noordhoek2030 #circulareconomy #goodneighbours


The Noordhoek Open Art Studios

This weekend from the 8th to the 10th of April, the annual Noordhoek Open Art Studios will once again be taking place around Noordhoek.

Visitors will be able to visit 23 Noordhoek artists in their homes to see them creating their works of arts and purchase works from them.

The ticket sales from this year’s event will all be donated to MasiSports, whose aim is to develop a sports and life skills programme in Ukhanyo Primary and Masi High, the epicentres of Masiphumelele, by building essential sports facilities, engaging inspirational coaches, properly equipping learners with kit and equipment giving them direction to live a life fulfilled.


#Noordhoek2030 #CircularEconomy #GoodNeighbours