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New Restaurant Progress Update

By October 16, 2017March 13th, 2020NRPA Notification, SpatialPlanning

Progress Report from the Developers of the New Restaurant on Avondrust Circle

The NRPA approached the owners of the new restaurant on Avondrust Circle for a progress update recently. Below is the report as received from the developers.

“As you can see we are in the final stages of finishing of ‘Jakes on the Common’.  We are aiming to open the doors early November, license dependent.

In the construction of the building we have tried to be as green as possible and have insulated heavily to make the building more efficient.  We are putting in a heat pump for heating the water, using low consumption bulbs throughout and have installed such things as waterless urinals to be as water wise as possible.

In the next couple of weeks, Tone Alexander, will be working his magic with the landscaping.  The perimeter of the property is going to get heavily planted with indigenous, low maintenance, low water plants and we will have hedging around the building too.

The carpark is going to be gravelled to keep it a bit more rustic, but also to be as porous as possible to limit any runoff from the site.

We are putting in a coffee shop which will be aimed at the cyclists, runners, dog walkers, horse riders etc. All will be welcomed. We are putting in 20 bike racks and a hitching post for horses!”