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Dear Interested and Affected Parties

New rates and tariffs kicked in on 1 July 2020, so your July accounts will show rates increases of approximately 4%.

We would have preferred not to increase rates and tariffs this year because of the economic impact of COVID-19, but we depend on rates and services to fund, among others, the delivery of water, as well as sanitation and electricity services.

We have made sure to cut our costs and change programmes which ensured we only implemented the following increases:
• Rates – 4%
• Electricity – 4,8%
• Water and sanitation – 4,5%
• Refuse removal – 3,5%

All the income received from rates and tariffs is used to provide basic services.
Our budget for this financial year includes a rates and service relief package of R3,3 billion and R9,6 billion to help boost Cape Town’s economy.

Visit for more information and find out how the budget works.

Among others, your rates and tariffs have over the past year:
•maintained 11 500 kms of water network, 9 500 kms of sewer infrastructure,
5 600 kms of stormwater pipeline, 490 waste water pump stations, 23 waste water treatment works and 180 reservoirs;
•tested more than 18 800 drinking water samples to ensure quality;
•serviced about 622 000 water meters;
•maintained more than 666 500 electricity meters, serviced around 86 high-voltage substations and 14 443 kms of lines and cables;
•responded to more than 73% of our fire services emergencies within 14 minutes.

Remember: If you have been financially impacted by COVID-19, relief options are available. You can also make interest-free payment arrangements.

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