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The Municipal Spatial Development Framework (MSDF)

By August 21, 2017November 2nd, 2020City Notifications, SpatialPlanning

Have your say on our future city

Invitation to Comment on The Municipal Spatial Development Framework (MSDF) and Comprehensive Integrated Transport Plan (CITP) for 2017-2022.

The City is intent on building a more inclusive, integrated and vibrant city that addresses the legacies of apartheid, rectifies existing imbalances in the distribution of different types of residential development, and avoids the creation of new structural imbalances in the delivery of services. It regards transport as a key driver for addressing Cape Town’s spatial reality and is aiming to achieve a spatial transformation through transit-oriented development (TOD) and associated densification.

Executive summaries of both the MSDF and the CITP appear below and the full reports are available at:

HYS_MSDF Summary_English-1