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Masiphumelele Rugby Club

By May 19, 2016March 13th, 2020GoodNeighbours, NRPA Notification

Dear Members

Below is a copy and paste from Masiphumelele Rugby Club Facebook page. Please take note of the match they are playing against a touring team from the UK this evening (Friday) at the sports fields. Please show your support by going down to watch the action.

There is also mention of the wayward container and how they have/will dispose of it.

Herewith please see two announcements from Masiphumelele Rugby Club.

1) The good news and the bad news for us.
Our wayward container, currently situated in the field behind the Rugby field, will be cut up and removed in pieces. This work will start tomorrow. That’s the good news. The bad news for us, is that the net effect financially, is that the cost of removal will equal the cost of the scrap value. we loose but it won’t cost us.

To us this is our best solution, as we don’t have to fork out any loot, for the removal of said container. We have thus lost an opportunity, to make use of the container, which we did have plans for. To finish this saga off with a happy ending, is that nature most probably did us a favor, as with our strained resources, we would have struggled to make any meaningful use of it in the first place….. end of that, move on.

2) The second announcement is that for the first time in our short existence, we will be hosting a touring Rugby Club this Friday and will be playing a formal game, for the first time, under lights. (What lights we have).

We will have the pleasure of hosting Richmond RUFC from the United Kingdom. Richmond is the oldest rugby club in the world and have visited us last year, where they did a documentary on township rugby. The itinerary for them, is a tour to Masi Itself and they will have a coaching cession with our juniors. (For interest our Juniors, are from under 9 to under 19 and are a feeder for the senior sides)

They will spend the afternoon there, before moving over to Noordhoek, for a game which will kick off at 18:30. The tour has taken a lot of organisation and will encompass the theme of “Friendship in Rugby”. They have been in the country for a week now and have played a game against Villagers RFC on Monday night.

After seeing the pictures which came out of that encounter, I am very certain that they will see a massive difference between an established club and one in development. I am hoping that we will not disappoint them on their visit and we will pull out all the stops to entertain them as best we can.

We are also hoping that this will forge great new relationships between the two clubs. Would it not be wonderful if we could take our youngsters to the UK to return the favor. This is something that we will hopefully look to doing in the future.

We hereby extend a welcome to anyone interested, to join us on Friday evening to give support to both the Masi Players and Richmond side, to enjoy a game of rugby and help celebrate a new friendship.

Stephen Sharwood
Masiphumelele Rugby Club