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Save the date for the 2022 NRPA AGM

The 2022 NRPA AGM will be taking place on Wednesday 08 June 2022 at Monkey Valley Resort.

We will be sending out additional details in due time. In the meantime please save the date.


Climate Change

Community members from across the Noordhoek Valley (Masi, Kommetjie, Sunnydale and Lake Michelle as well as their ward councillors) joined NRPA and NEAG in a second workshop on the effects of climate change on Tuesday, April 19th at Monkey Valley.

The purpose of the evening was to discuss how communities can prepare for the effects of climate change that are predicted for our valley:
– rainfall will be less regular, leading to droughts as well as floods
– droughts will lead to fires, heatwaves and shortages of drinking water
– increase in the number of heavy storms and rising sea levels
– climate change in other areas of South Africa will drive more people to come to Cape Town

The focus of the evening was on practical solutions that communities are able to do without relying on outside help, as well as actions that fall within their sphere of influence. Good starts were made on community preparedness for fire in Masi.

For Noordhoek community representatives specifically, the discussion was about how the Noordhoek vision (originally formulated in 2016: should be updated to include actions to reduce our carbon footprint as well as prepare ourselves for the expected effects.

NRPA and NEAG have agreed to work together on updating and expanding the Vision action list to include climate change specific initiatives and to use this list to focus our efforts.

Traffic Light Update 

Good news regarding the Traffic lights at the Noordhoek Garden Emporium.

The traffic department confirmed they found the fault causing the traffic lights along Noordhoek Main Road at the Garden Emporium to keep changing – it was a faulty switch. This has now been fixed.

Thank you for your patience.


Treasurer Needed for the NRPA

Rob Speedy is leaving the NRPA Exco after 8 years and we need a volunteer to step in to his shoes are Treasurer.

As with any organisation, finance management is key to the success of the NRPA.

Do you know anyone that would be interested? Please ask them to contact us and we will happily explain what the position entails.

The duties of the Treasurer are to manage the financial affairs of the NRPA:

  • Make authorised payments as required by the Exco
  • Record and allocate receipts
  • Maintain a cash book of financial activity and reconcile monthly to the bank account
  • Report back the Exco monthly on the financial position of the NRPA
  • Prepare and present annual financial statements at the AGM

• See to it that the annual tax return is correctly submitted
• Administer the membership databaseReconcile members and audit addresses and erf numbers

  • Record payment status of members
  • Invoice members for fees due
  • Deal with member queries from time to time

• Oversee fundraising from time to time

It generally requires on average about 8 hours a month, sometimes a little more. It is critical to stay on top of the cash book monthly. Basic bookkeeping and Excel skills are needed, as well as attention to detail.

Please reach out to if you are able to help with this position or know of someone that we can approach.


Local football derby to celebrate 100 years of Chapmans Peak Drive

Noordhoek Football Club will be playing friendly matches against Hout Bay Football Club as part of Chapmans Peak Drive’s 100-year celebrations.

On Saturday 7th May, a soccer derby celebrating Chapman’s Peak’s centenary will be played at Noordhoek Football Club between Noordhoek and Hout Bay, honouring a spectacular road that connects these two suburbs.
Chapmans Peak Drive was officially opened on 6th May 1922, after seven years of construction. It was an engineering feat back then and it remains an iconic tourist attraction and important artery connecting the Deep South to Hout Bay and the Atlantic Seaboard.

Festivities will kick off at 9am, with matches being played all day and will finish late afternoon. “We host matches between competitive teams as well as social teams and encourage all to come and support,” says Noordhoek Football Club Chairman, Joey Delcarme. “We will have food and festivities throughout the day and would love to have the local residents come and join us.”

Brad Bing, Chairperson of the Noordhoek Ratepayers Association (NRPA) says, “Our local club and the Hout Bay FC are places where people from all the different communities, rich and poor, can come together to celebrate the beautiful game. This is going to be a day worth supporting. We urge all Noordhoekers to come to the field to give support to your local team.”
The Noordhoek Football Club was started in September 2009 by a handful of parents as a club open to all. The club started with two teams and now has Under 10, Under 12, Under 14, Under 16 teams, as well as a First Team, Premier Team and an Over 40 team. The response has been so overwhelmingly positive that Noordhoek FC boasts one of the most integrated soccer club of the Southern Peninsula.

Joey Delcarme, the club’s Chairman, says, “Besides the healthy entertainment and exercise, one of the more remarkable benefits of the initiative is the social and personal spin-off for the participants, for example, some of the parents have started teaching English, as well as providing meals for children that need it… you cannot play on a hungry tummy!”

Mark Jacobs, General Manager of Entilini operating Chapman’s Peak Drive, says, “Chapman’s Peak Drive is a bridge that connects communities and allows for life on the Southern Peninsula to thrive. It has opened pathways to new opportunities and even after 100 years, Chappies continues to connect communities, businesses and people from all over the world.”

Planning Guidelines for Noordhoek Residents: A Layman’s Perspective

Am I allowed to build up to my neighbour’s boundary? How many dwellings are allowed on a Rural plot? How high is my neighbour allowed to build? What role does NRPA play with regards to planning applications? What is the difference between subdividing and sectional titling?

The NRPA has noticed that there is confusion around what is or is not allowed under council  planning regulations. We have therefore written a guideline for residents in order to simplify these matters for you. The questions above and more are addressed in the document that can be accessed through

Please reach out to us on should you have any questions related to planning matters.

Planning applications update
This is a new section of the newsletter, where we try to keep you up to date on important planning developments in Noordhoek:

  • Generations School
    • City Council decided not to honour NRPA and NEAG’s appeal to the Planning Tribunal decision
    • After collecting legal counsel NRPA decided not to appeal City Council’s decision before High Court. The cost of such an exercise, in combination with our slim chances of success made it unfeasible
    • Generations is not expected to start any construction work within a year
  • Caravan Park
    • NRPA objected (along with many residents) to the application in September 2021
    • This application is planned to come before the Municipal Planning Tribunal in June 2022
  • Cape Point Vineyards
    • An application was received to Consolidate 2 portions of farm 934 and consequently Subdivide the new Erf into 2 sections
    • The deadline for comments and/or objections is May 18th 2022
    • Application details including comment/objection form available on NRPA website. Click here.
  • Farm Village:
    • An application was received for extra parking in the Farm Village compound. In order to achieve this title deed restriction amendments and rezoning need to be granted
    • Application details including comment/objection form available on NRPA website: Click here.
    • The deadline for comments and/or objections is June 8th 2022
  • Lake Michelle Phase 8:
    • The Environmental application of Evergreen for the development of 110 retirement homes in Phase 8 of Lake Michelle (this is the empty piece of land between Noordhoek Main Road and the current houses) was rejected in 2021 by DEADP Minister Bredell
    • Evergreen appealed the rejection and was given the opportunity to come with new proposals
    • NRPA objected, as did NEAG, to these proposals on the grounds that we believe the wetlands need to be rehabilitated without any new housing
    • Lake Michelle residents voted on April 25th to support the Board of the Lake Michelle Home Owners Association in objecting as well. This objection is due for submission on May 10th 2022

Please reach out to us on should you have any questions related to planning matters.

Thank you