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You’ve got mail…

You’ve got mail!

For a while now SA Post has been reducing costs.

First by closing the Post office in Long Beach Mall and now by reducing the sorting staff in the Post office in Fish Hoek. What this means is that any mail not addressed to a PO box gets stuck at the Post Office and at some point is destroyed.

Local resident, Mark Wiley has taken it upon himself to make weekly rounds but has indicated this is not sustainable. He is right.


“A lot of this post comes from overseas and deals with important matters such as taxes and investments. We are talking about sensitive information that I am sure nobody wants to have ‘out there’.”




Here is what all residents should do to receive paper mail:

  1. Reduce paper mail as much as possible: choose email notifications instead
  2. Get a PO box and make sure all mail that must be received physically goes to your PO box. These PO boxes are free. Go to Fish Hoek Post Office to apply for one. If you are renting then make sure to get the key from the previous tenant or through the estate agent
  3. Empty your PO box regularly. The Post office staff complain that some of the boxes are not being emptied

Do not forget to extend your PO box every year (free), cancel it when you leave the area and notify important contacts of your change in address!