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Kommetjie Road Upgrade Notice

By May 22, 2017February 27th, 2020City Notifications

Dear Residents and Interested & Affected Party.

Upgrading of portions of Kommetjie Road and Ou Kaapseweg.

Installation of pipes for electrical cables near Capri Drive and Hawthorne Close, Faerie Knowe.

The drilling operation mentioned in last weeks’ notice did not take place. The ground conditions encountered by the contractor were such that the drilling equipment would not operate as required.

As a result the contractor will now be required to install these pipes using an open trench process crossing Kommetjie Road in half widths. This requires a traffic accommodation plan to be implemented whereby lane width will be reduced between Capri Drive and Sunnydale Road and a speed reduction to 40 km / hr implemented through this zone being approximately 250m in length.

The first phase of this open trench operation will be done on the south side. Traffic will therefore be directed between delineators in narrow lanes – one in each direction on the northern half of Kommetjie Road. The pedestrian footway has already been set back a few meters to allow the contractor to make use of the existing footway as part of this accommodation plan.

The existing bus stop and shelter on Kommetjie Road at Palm Avenue will be relocated to a temporary position near Sunnydale Road. This half width construction is expected to take until 30th May 2017 to complete. The traffic accommodation plan is to be implemented on 25th May after the morning peak period.

The second phase of this trench will begin with the traffic being switched to the south side of Kommetjie Road and the open trench operation commenced from the north side of Kommetjie road. This will take a similar amount of time to complete.

Once this operation is completed cable laying and switching will occur.

Bulk earthwork operation will then be able to commence along this section of Kommetjie Road between Old Kommetjie Road and Capri Drive.

Your cooperation and consideration is appreciated during this period.

Kommetjie Road upgrade team.

Kind regards


Environmental Consultant

Chand Environmental Consultants
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