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July 2022 Newsletter

By July 11, 2022July 14th, 2022NRPA Notification, Publication, Spotlight

NRPA newsletter – July 2022


Alien vegetation in and around Noordhoek

Together with NEAG and Project Noordhoeked, NRPA has been mapping areas with alien vegetation infestations within the Noordhoek valley. Based on this ‘heat map’ we have been approaching (neighbouring) land owners to appeal to their responsibility and to see how the alien vegetation can be removed.

Alien vegetation is a problem for many reasons:

  • The amount of combustible material is significantly higher than fynbos, which means that if a fire breaks out it will be more intense and last longer
  • Aliens consume water that would otherwise be available for indigenous plants and animals
  • The dense alien vegetation provides cover for people to live on the mountain. While that in itself is not a problem, these people then start fires for cooking etc., which then increases the risk of a veld fire

So far we have had good results:

  • Chapman’s Peak Estate (Amdec plot above Chapman’s Peak drive) was cleared
  • De Goede Hoop fynbos reserve (area on the mountain around the De Goede Hoop Estate) is being cleared
  • Plots South of Chapman’s Peak drive have been cleared by Project Noordhoeked
  • Horse paths through the wetlands have been cleared by Project Noordhoeked with financial support from the horse community, including the Noordhoek Riding Club
  • The area around the sports clubs has been cleared by Project Noordhoeked
  • NRPA supported Project Noordhoeked with a R6000 grant to buy an electrical chainsaw + batteries, which will drastically increase their capacity

While these results are encouraging, we must be honest that there is still a lot of work to be done. We are very fortunate to have the Project Noordhoeked team in the valley. NRPA supports them with R500 monthly donations and with incidental donations for larger expenses (such as the chainsaw mentioned above), but this is not enough. If you are able, we urge you to become a monthly donor so that they can continue with this incredibly important work.

For more information please visit the Project Noordhoeked Facebook page:


Planning: NRPA Geographical Information System (GIS)

Information is key in planning matters and in order to make them work in the planning portfolio easier, NRPA has created a Geographical Information System, based on Council erf information.

So far we have mapped the following:

  • All erven, classified in Residential, Business, Estates, Sectional titles and Open Areas
  • Past and future planning applications, specifically subdivisions
  • Neighbourhood watch boundaries
  • Erven with high alien vegetation infestations
  • Solar installations (based on 2019 satellite imagery)
  • Erven with horses
  • Foot paths (existing and proposed new)
  • Horse paths

As layers become available they will be published on our website:

Other layers that we are working on are:

  • Erven with pools (important to know in the event of bushfires)
  • Noordhoek heritage sites

Should you be interested in this information or if you are able to assist us with expertise/experience in this field then please reach out to us on


Noordhoek Main Road traffic light update

The new traffic light at the pedestrian/equestrian crossing on Noordhoek Main Road is functioning marvellously. We have noticed that the lights are quite bright when it is dark, given that we are a no-streetlight area, and NRPA has asked Council if it is possible to switch off the lights with a sensor or timer. Updates to follow.

Please reach out to if you have questions.


Noordhoek Main Road traffic

The safety of the section of Noordhoek Main Road between Jakes and the Silvermine turnoff is a regularly returning topic:

  • Speed of vehicles coming down from Chapman’s Peak Drive
  • Turning onto Main Road at the Jakes intersection is dangerous
  • Speed of vehicles passing the Commons
  • Pedestrians and horse riders having difficulty crossing the road at the Farm Village intersection
  • Increasing traffic flow at the Silvermine / Main Road intersection – especially with the school that will be built on that corner

A Facebook and WhatsApp poll gave clear indications to NRPA that residents were not supportive of a second traffic light at the Farm Village pedestrian/equestrian crossing.

NRPA reached out to James McDaid to get his opinion and to come up with a holistic approach for that section of Main Road. Once this proposal is ready we will reach out again to the community before presenting our request to CoCT.

Please reach out to if you have questions.


Silvermine / OuKaapseweg intersection

Residents reached out to NRPA that the Silvermine / OuKaapseweg intersection (especially for motorists turning left onto OKW) is leading to confusion and delays.

Pat McKune made a very thorough proposal for improvement (see attached aerial picture), which NRPA has forwarded to the Sub council. Feedback is expected in August.

Please reach out to if you have questions.


Planning applications update

This is a new section to the newsletter, where we try to keep you up to date on important planning developments in Noordhoek:

  • Generations School
    • No news
  • Caravan Park
    • No news: still waiting for Municipal Planning Tribunal feedback
  • Cape Point Vineyards
    • NRPA gave conditional approval for the consolidation and subsequent subdivision of the various portions of the farm
  • Farm Village:
    • NRPA reached out the Farm Village management to discuss their planning application (details on NRPA website).
    • The planned on-site parking capacity is within council regulations but clearly insufficient on busy days. NRPA’s main concern is that there is little overflow capacity on the roads around the Farm Village. This leads to dangerous situations on Noordhoek Main Road where traffic passes at relatively high speeds, as well as congestion along Village Lane.
    • After a constructive dialogue, NRPA has been given assurances from the Farm Village management on a number of fronts. A joint communication on those assurances will be shared in the coming weeks
  • Lake Michelle Phase 8:
    • The Revised Final Basic Assessment Report (BAR) for the proposed development of Phase 8 of Lake Michelle (this is the empty piece of land between Noordhoek Main Road and the current houses) has been submitted by Evergreen
    • Please refer to the below link for all the appendices stipulated in the BAR report.

Please reach out to us on should you have any questions related to planning matters.