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Houmoed Road and General Traffic info

By March 7, 2017February 27th, 2020City Notifications


Attending:  Chand team, road engineers, Tony Viera, Simon Lyle-Cock, Felicity Purchase, 2xNRPA EXCO reps, various other civics and registered parties.

Introduction of the project, laws applicable and the process of the EIA and public participation.
Fred (de Villiers) the engineer showed a map of the proposed road and a cross section.
The proposed “temporary “ road is to join Lekkerwater Rd and Houmoed Rd at Buller Louw. It was emphasized that if not approved, not even the temporary Rd will go ahead.
Fred indicated that they wanted to link in Noordsig Ave with the road too.  Audience not receptive to this idea.
Concerns raised:
noise, the wetlands and security
The wetland study is being done during a severe drought so results are not a reliable measure of normal wetland conditions in the area and outcomes will therefor not be flawed
The residents of Milkwood Park very concerned about impact on them
Suggestions of a  10 foot wall will be built on the South east  side as both a security and a noise reduction measure – this will obliterate any views and cast deep shadows onto those properties was not well received.
The need for traffic lights at Lekkerwater/Kommetjie and Houmoed/Noordhoek Rd was discussed.
How does this proposal fit with the The City’s transport study for the Far South which is already under way (recent update from this study shows that 30% of the Far South population lives in Masi and 12.5% in Ocean View.)
NRPA took the opportunity to raise the alternative of not doing the Houmoed Road extension but using the money for a my City Route instead, along existing roads.
This process is at an initial stage, more engagement will have to follow.  We will update you when we can.


After recent complaints about speeding and accidents due to not stopping at pedestrian crossing on Noordhoek Main Road, the traffic department has visited Noordhoek.

Results of licence checks on Friday 24 Feb between 11h55 and 13h15:

Unlicensed drivers = 4
Failure to carry licence = 4
Unlicensed motor vehicles = 5
Failure to display licence = 5
Total = 19

Speeding traps, via camera, have been operating on various days.


The NRPA EXCO believes that reliable, clean and safe public transport is a more sustainable and long term solution than building and widening roads (imagine years of roadworks on Ou Kaapse Weg, or even a tunnel through the mountain, cutting into more and more SANPARKS land.)

Please encourage everyone you know  who LIVES and WORKS in the FAR SOUTH, including your employees, to do the following survey which is being used as input into a comprehensive Traffic Study in the Valley.

From the survey originators:

The survey is targeting those who follow commuter travel patterns, and within that, it is targeting those who use a private motor vehicle (though it does not exclude others, and took the opportunity to ask them a few questions too).  It is focusing on travel behaviour, choices and perceptions.

The results of the survey will be published in the Billboard magazine and shared with the Far South Peninsula Community Forum, as well as the City which is currently undertaking a planning process for transport in the Far South.
Please see link below to access survey.

Stop/Go on Kalk Bay Main Road

Final surfacing of the Main Road in Kalk Bay is scheduled for Monday, 6 March 2017 and Tuesday, 7 March 2017, but with an earlier start time as the Contractor is trying to complete the work as quickly as possible and reduce the risk of it extending later into the week. The risk is largely due to the rate of supply from the asphalt plant and an earlier start would reduce that risk.

In order to do this, the stop/go system will be implemented earlier than originally stated, at 7:00 instead of 9:00  and possibly extend through to 17:00 instead of 15:30.

Road users are advised that the stop/go system will be implemented as follows:
•      6 March 2017, from 7:00 until approximately 17:00.
•      7 March 2017, from 7:00 until approximately 17:00.

Traffic Services will deploy staff or an Outsurance Pointsman to assist with traffic control at Kalk Bay.

Motorists should expect delays and use alternative routes where possible.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.

Warm Regards

Rafieka Johaar

Chand Environmental Consultants
P O Box 238

Tel: (021) 762 3050
Fax: 086 665 7430