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Noordhoek 2030 – Have Your Say

By December 21, 2015November 9th, 2017NRPA Notification

Shared Vision – Noordhoek 2030 – Have your say!  

We need 10 people for each of the following professionally moderated focus groups to assist with Noordhoek Vision 2030. Please volunteer! (see here to read about Vision 2030)
Noordhoek Ratepayers – Monday, 1 February from 18h00-20h00
Home Businesses in Noordhoek – Wednesday, 3 February from 14h00-16h00
Domestic workers/grooms – Monday, 1 February from 14h00–16h00
Cyclists – Wednesday, 3 February from 18h00-20h00
Healthcare/Yoga/Pilates  – Thursday,  4 February from 18h00-20h00
Youth 15-19 – Saturday,  6 February 14h00-16h00
Youth 20-25 – Saturday,  6 February 14h00-16h00
Horse Owners/Riders – Monday,  1 February 14h00-1600
Agriculture/Permaculture – Thursday,  4 February 10h30-12h30

You do not have to be a member of the NRPA but you do need to live or work in Noordhoek to volunteer for these groups.

Please volunteer (with their permission) your domestic worker/groom and your children (ages 15-25.) We will remunerate domestic workers and grooms for their time. This group will be facilitated by a Xhosa speaking moderator. See above for dates and times.

You may volunteer for more than one group.

There are 15 other Focus Groups not on the list above. These are being filled via invitation to specific people/organisations.

What you need to do:
Send an email to with your full name, 2 phone numbers and group(s) for which you are volunteering. Do it NOW please.
If you have any related questions, or want more information, e-mail

Output from this process will be used:
– To provide input into the City’s Integrated Development Plan (process for 2018+ starts around July next year)
– To provide us with plans and goals that direct the focus of the NRPA Executive Committee to 2030

We also need:
Notetakers to help capture information volunteered during the Focus Groups
Prizes for the Children’s Art and Essay Competition
Printing (on T-shirts and other printed material)
If you can help with any of these please send an email to

Looking forward to hearing your views and ideas.

NRPA EXCO and Support Team