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The Cape Town City Council has rejected appeals from the community and the development of a Generations private school will go ahead on the junction of Silvermine Road and Main Road.

Appeal against Generations School rejected

On October 3rd 2021 Cape Town City Council discussed the appeal against the Municipal Planning Tribunal decision to allow for the development of the Generations School on the intersection of Silvermine and Noordhoek Main Road.

To the disappointment of residents, environmental groups and the ratepayers, who all appealed to the council to not allow a school to be sited at such a critical and central location, the Council decided to agree with the Tribunal and dismissed the appeal. The NRPA and the other community groups are especially disappointed to lose another of the few remaining open green spaces, given the availability of a far more suitable site nearby (next to the Sportsfields).

We remain adamant that while a school in Noordhoek has merit, it should not be built in the proposed location. We foresee that this development will have a series of knock-on effects – the loss of Leopard Toad breeding grounds, the loss of stabling for the Tom Ro Haven horses, the loss of peaceful green-space, and others – that will change the face of Noordhoek forever.

The complete text of the appeal dismissal can be found in the attached document.

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Erf 4743 Noordhoek Appeal dismissed