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Howzit Forge – Noordhoek calling!

Noordhoek teams up with Forge to map local trails


As part of the Vision 2030 efforts to promote walking/hiking in and around Noordhoek, Noordhoek Ratepayers Association (NRPA) has teamed up with Forge ( to publish a host of local footpaths, including a “Noordhoek Panorama Circuit” that takes you all the way around the valley on a 18.6km long trail with a good 800m elevation gain. There’s no need to elaborate on the views you will be treated to from the ridge above Noordhoek and from Chappies! Of course there are also other, more leisurely strolls that one can take around the beautiful village of Noordhoek.

Forge is a 100% South African-made application for smartphones that is free (donations appreciated). It can be downloaded on iPhone and Android phones from their website ( as well as directly from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

The maps are packed with useful features including accurate and verified trails, GPS navigation, emergency calls and offline maps which can be downloaded for use without mobile coverage. The app also hosts trails further afield with trail maps covering several thousand kilometres of trails in over 40 well-known hiking areas across five provinces. Paths in the app are categorised according to their difficulty, the terrain they cross and whether dogs or mountain bikes are allowed.

Why not try it out on one of the coming beautiful sunny days? Check out the Noordhoek Panorama Circuit now online ( or on the app under ‘Table Mountain Routes’. There are lots of local paths that we will wager you are not yet aware of, and if you run a guesthouse or AirBnB this is a great activity tip for your guests.

Please reach out to NRPA or Forge should you wish to embed this map and the Forge app on your guest-house/airbnb website.

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