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 20 FEBRUARY 2018


 More residents to receive estimated bills for January

 The City of Cape Town regrets to inform customers that a technical challenge will result in more residents receiving estimated accounts for the month of January. Read more below:

 As of 1 January 2018, the City moved from a third party electronic platform to an in-house electronic interface system for the uploading of monthly water meter readings. Since this move, there have been technical challenges with uploading meter readings to the new system. As a result, some customers will receive estimated bills although their meter was read. Customers across the City will be affected.

 Where residents receive estimated bills, the City recommends that they settle the account as they would normally. If the estimate is higher than the actual usage then their account will be adjusted appropriately the next time the actual meter reading is captured. In cases where estimated consumption far exceeds actual consumption, and residents are unable to afford the bill, they can approach the City’s call centre or their closest walk-in centre to request an investigation. Debt management will be suspended until the investigation is resolved.

Please note that estimated bills are currently based on consumption for the same period in the previous year. For example, a meter estimate for January 2018 is based on the actual usage of January 2017. This method is used to account for seasonal variation in water consumption. The City is however working to adapt the estimation method to account for changing consumption patterns due to the current water shortage. From 1 March 2018, estimated accounts will be based on average consumption at the property for the previous three months.

Residents can however avoid estimated bills altogether by submitting their own meter reading. More details on how to do so can be found at the following link:

The City encourages as many residents as possible to register for e-services and do their own meter readings. Performing regular meter readings at your property is essential for effectively managing water consumption, and can act as an early warning for leaks on the property.

The City acknowledges and regrets the frustration that estimated bills will cause many residents who have reduced water consumption drastically, but would like to reassure them that we are doing everything possible to resolve the problem as speedily as possible.

Residents should also please note that estimated readings could affect their green dot status on the City’s Water Map. Residents who have had their consumption estimated will rather be given a grey dot reflecting that no data exists for consumption on the property.  Whilst this will cause some disappointment, it is important that we all continue to do our best to save water.

Residents are reminded that level 6 tariffs are being applied from 1 February 2018. See below for a comparison between level 4 and level 6 tariffs.


Water Tariffs (Domestic Full and Domestic Cluster)
Water Steps (1kl = 1 000 litres) Level 4 (2017/18) Until 31/1/2018 Rands (incl VAT) Level 6 (2017/18) From 1/2/2018 Rands (incl VAT)
Step 1 (>0 ≤ 6kl) R4,56/kl (free for indigent households) R29,93/kl (free for indigent households)
Step 2 (>6 ≤ 10.5kl) R17,75/kl R52,44/kl (R17,75/kl for indigent households)
Step 3 (>10.5 ≤ 20kl) R25,97/kl R114/kl
Step 4 (>20 ≤ 35kl) R43,69/kl R342/kl
Step 5 (>35 ≤ 50kl) R113,99/kl R912/kl
Step 6 (>50kl) R302,24/kl R912/kl



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