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The City of Cape Town has received the following planning application for consideration:

Case ID


Applicant / Owner’s details

Bluegreen Planning + Design/Propgen Proprietary Limited

Erf number

Remainder Erf 4743, Noordhoek

Description and physical address

6 Silvermine Road, Noordhoek (as shown on the attached locality plan).

Purpose of the application

 To rezone the property from Rural to Community Zone 1 (CO1) to permit the establishment of a private school for ±600 children for all grades from pre-primary to high school.

 To permit the following departure in terms of the Development Management Scheme (DMS):

Item 140(2)(c): to permit a carriageway crossing to be 25.9m in lieu of 8m wide.

 To deviate from the Southern District Plan to allow an alternative land use on this property other than, inter alia, the recommended rural use(s) or low density residential development and that any residential development on the property should at least be consistent with the surrounding residential development density (i.e. 4000m2).


The application may be inspected at the office of the District Manager at Southern District Office (District Manager Secretary phone no: 021 444 7721), Customer Interface (Counter No 1.3), Ground Floor, 3 Victoria Road, Plumstead from 08:00 to 14:30.

Objections, comments or representations

Any objection, comment or representation on the proposal must be submitted on the prescribed form with reasons therefor and may be submitted to the following e-mail address: or fax 086 202 9985 (or submitted in writing to the office of the abovementioned District Manager) to be received before or on the closing date mentioned below.

You can download the prescribed form at the following link:

Closing date for objections, comments or representations

30 March 2020

No late comment or objection will be considered unless the City Manager has agreed thereto in writing.

Relevant legislation

This notice is given in terms of Sections 82 and 83 of the City of Cape Town Municipal Planning By-law (MPBL), 2015.


An objection, comment or representation which does not meet the requirements in this notice may be disregarded.

Objections, comments or representations form part of public documents and are forwarded to the applicant for response.

Any person who cannot write, may come to the district office mentioned above during office hours where he or she will be assisted with transcribing any comment or objection and the reasons therefor.

By lodging an objection, comment or representation, the person doing so acknowledges that information may be made available to the public and to the applicant. An objector may request that the City Manager keep their full name, address and contact details confidential on good cause shown. Such request must be submitted together with the objection, comment or representation.

Any petition must comply with the requirements of section 91 of the City of Cape Town Municipal Planning By-law, 2015.

Neem asseblief kennis dat ingevolge artikel 82(4) van die Stad Kaapstad: Verordening op Munisipale Beplanning, 2015, hierdie kennisgewing ook in Afrikaans of Xhosa beskikbaar is indien skriftelik versoek. Stuur die versoek na binne sewe dae van die datum van hierdie kennisgewing.

Nceda uqaphele ukuba ngokungqinelana necandelo 82(4) loMthetho kaMasipala ongoCwangciso waseKapa, 2015, esi saziso siyafumaneka ngesiXhosa nangesiBhulu ngesicelo esibhalwe phantsi. Eso sicelo masingeniswe kwiintsuku ezisixhenxe ukusuka kumhla wokukhutshwa kwesi saziso.