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City Planning Press Release

By September 14, 2015February 27th, 2020City Notifications

New system sees City topping performance benchmarks

Below are excerpts from a media release from the City of Cape Town relating to planning issues.  For the full communication, click on the attachment above.

“Between May and July 2015 the City has consistently surpassed the performance benchmark requirement as set by the National Building Regulations and Standards Act (NBRSA). Approximately 97% of all development applications have been processed within the required timeframe.

Furthermore, since 1 April 2014, in addition to paper submissions, customers have been able to submit plans in PDF format by using a memory stick. The introduction of this system has also made online payments for development applications possible through an electronic funds transfer (EFT).

Irrespective of the new system, the City has an obligation to ensure that due process is followed and that all regulations and requirements are met before development applications can be approved.
There are eight Planning and Building Development Management district offices across the metro which offer the opportunity of a pre-consultation meeting to discuss a development proposal or application so that there is communication as to the timeframes for the processing of the application. The City urges prospective applicants to make use of this opportunity. In addition, it is important to comply with the law which, in most cases, requires an approved building plan before any work may commence.

General comments or concerns can be sent to the general Planning address via e-mail